Multiple sits same house

Before I recently sat for a couple and their pets the lady wanted to book me for a further two more sirs which I understand from the posts getting people to sit can be difficult .
My dates weren’t corresponding and havnt heard from her I think being a bit wary is a good thing what does anyone else think

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@Joyfull I don’t tend to do many repeat sits but I’d certainly want to do the first one to check everything was good before agreeing any more sits. That’s just me though.


As sitters with THS for eight years, I would do the first sit with the homeowner to see if it’s a good fit for you with the homeowners, pets and home, before accepting future sits with the HO. We have done a few repeat sits with homeowners knowing from our first time sitting for them that we were really happy to return and have a repeat great experience. Good luck!


Years ago when we were new home & pet owners we has several longer summer trips planned and in our listing we advertised that we were looking for a couple or single sitter that would be interested in doing two of the sits if not all of them. This was because our dog was still a puppy and did best with the same people and a consistent routine/caregivers. It was solely for his overall wellbeing that we were looking for a sitter(s) that could do all of our sits within a four month period.

We got really lucky and found a couple that were young remote workers that had family in our area and really wanted to be in our area for the summer so having the same sit to come back to throughout the period was really appealing to them and then they booked other sits in-between. I certainly don’t think this common for most of the sitters on the platform. Myself included, we want to travel to places that we haven’t been to before. Even though we fall in love with the pets it feels fun being able to meet new pet personalities. So I can understand their perspective of wanting consistency for their pets I don’t think it’s something to be wary of but I do think it warrants a discussion with the homeowners because they might only want someone that can do all the sits.

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I’ve done multiple sits for the same people. Sometimes one sit booked after one was completed and sometimes two sits booked at the same time. I had one of those recently, two sits with a week in between and then they decided to stay away that week since I was there already. A win-win!


Hi @Joyfull. This is a great question. Thanks for asking it. This is something I had to learn the hard way. I’m hoping you and other newer sitters benefit from my experience.

When I first started sitting I did many repeat sits to help build my “resume”. I loved revisiting homes I’d already learned the in’s and out’s of, pets I’d loved, and pet parents who’d become friends.

At one point I accepted two sits with a pet parent I hadn’t sat for before. She lived in a wonderful area close to my son, so it seemed like a great situation. Unfortunately I found during the first sit that it wasn’t really a good fit for me, and then I was in the uncomfortable position of either having to do the second sit anyway or canceling it (I did do the second sit.)

This taught me to never accept multiple sits until I’ve at least sat for the pet parent once before. There could be something about the pet, the pet parent, the home, how easy it is to get groceries, or what it takes to get back and forth to the sit that makes it not a good fit for you, no matter how well you’ve researched and know about what works for you. I still have pet parents I regularly sit for, but I won’t accept a repeat sit until I’ve completed the first one. Lesson learned.


I’ve done two repeat sits and would love to do more. It’s more enjoyable for me coming back to a place I know and love. I agree with what was said though, I wouldn’t agree to more than one sit until I have completed my first one.

Thankyou yes that is what I did and was glad

An advance yes to subsequent sits before the first one is risky. You can always say that you don’t plan repeated sits until the first one is complete and you both feel that is was a good fit and the pets were happy too.

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