Multiple sits same house

We are not keen on doing repeat sits as our main reason to do what we do is to visit new areas. I think it is easy to fall into the trap of becoming someone’s on-call, free sitter. We get asked many times to do repeats, many are tempting but we have only ever accepted once so far and that was because it suited us as we specifically wanted to be in that area again.


I would be hesitant to accept two sits at once. But once I have done a sit I would go back if I enjoyed it. Right now I am doing a month-long sit in Norway and plan to tell the HO that any time they are gone more than two weeks I would love to come back. The previous two sits were not ones I would repeat. The first one was lovely but does not have dedicated workspace which I need. The second one was more work than I anticipated and they had several outside cameras where I felt I was being constantly monitored.

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In August I will be in London for 3 weeks with Teazel the cat who is now 10 years old … she was 8 months old when we first looked after her and only missed the Pandemic years and one summer when we were in California … one of many repeat sits I’ve done over the years, for me it’s almost like going home and I love that the pets remember me … every time. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was invited to do a six-week sit, but I asked for a break in the middle, to go home. The HOs broke it into roughly thirds and I’m now on the last sit, bookending another sitter.

I was asked before I’d done a single sit on THS. The HOs, home and dogs are all lovely, but now I’ve done enough sits to know that I prefer more variety, unless it were maybe my dream location.

“for me it’s almost like going home and I love that the pets remember me … every time.” THIS!

I do many repeat sits, for years now, same pets and sometimes new additions. All my repeats are in the places I love to be, in the environment and with people that soothe my soul.
It feels like my dream life has manifested.
I have done one time sits often but for me, there has to be connection. All about the feels. I actually feel my heart expand, truth, when that happens. And it can happen straight away.
Those are the people I hang onto.
And when you know, you know.


Exactly why I would love to have a couple of sitters back in my home because I know my dog bonded with them, and they did such a good job looking after him (and our home). One of the sitters texted me weeks after her sit to tell me that she missed my dog, and I always try to invite her first if she’s available.


@wendy_chicago @Kelly @andrealovesanimals .

I’ve noticed some homeowners in their listing are looking for regular sitters for precisely this reason and some sitters are looking for regular sits in the same area .

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a box to tick so that these type of HO & sitters could do a search and easily find each other ?


I’m just on my way to mind a lovely doggie for the 4th time since last September, and I absolutely can’t wait. For me this is about developing friendships as well as travelling and seeing new places.


Family without the hassle :see_no_evil::smile:


@Amparo exactly right


A lot of my sits are repeat sits, I think I just grow so attached to the animals! I have three separate sits where they drop me a message and I see what I can do! Two of them are local to me, with dogs that are happy to come to work with me, and one is in a prime holiday location in the UK I could never afford!

Although the unknown really stresses me out (why I decided housesitting was a good idea?!) And being able to rock up to a familiar dog for some cuddles and walks is ideal. Plus, you get to know the house and it’s quirks!

Mind you, I would never sign up for multiple sits before I’d done one, I’ve been fortunate to only have had wonderful sits, with grateful HO’s and gorgeous pets - but I’d like to check first!


The WHY of return sits …
Casey - six times :dog:
Izzy - eight times :cat:
Barclay - five times. PS That’s a Mother’s Day card :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please share your WHY pics … :slightly_smiling_face:


Lottie, 4th time right now


@Angela_L gorgeous photos and Barclay looks chuffed to bits with his card!
So adorable :dog::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Omg :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: look at those sweet angel faces!


I’d actually love to see the pets again much more. I’ve yet to sit a furry friend I wasn’t sad to leave. Not that HOs haven’t been nice — some warm and we’ll stay connected — but I know lots of nice people and work in the tech /startup ecosystem, where we meet easily and are introduced to others all the time, all over the country and world, across generations.

I changed careers about a decade ago and was amazed by how easily I was able to build a new tribe even at 44, when people typically have a harder time making new friends.

In the startup world, we share underlying empathy and lots of helping one another, pooling know-how and support. That’s because building businesses from nothing based on unproven business models and disruptive products or services is super hard — 99 percent of such businesses fail. It attracts a diversity of people, but with similar ambitions and ethos.

For instance, a couple of friends / former coworkers and I were thinking about starting a side business and we met people either cold or via intros who spent time and energy helping us understand the landscape challenges, their successes and failures, etc. The rapport is good right off, because we speak a common language. They shared years of expertise immediately after we met. They want to see us succeed.

I mentor folks on various continents and have mentors I highly trust, all forged in the startup world after I’d spent decades working in daily news. I’ve befriended folks in their 20s and have seen them grow up, get married, have kids, buy homes, progress career wise. Some of them, I’ve met their parents and siblings, attended their weddings, etc. Some of the older ones have retired and we still keep in touch.

For me, meeting people via house sits will never come close to the above.