What Is Your Opinion On Repeat Sits, Do You Accept?

I’d like to know how sitters and homeowners and especially THS feel about homeowners asking sitters back without advertising the sit. I know there are many sitters and us included who have been asked back to do a sit by a very satisfied homeowner and we’ve really enjoyed the particular sit so graciously accepted and felt very fortunate at being asked back. Some of us have become good friends with the homeowners. Do other sitters feel this is unfair and how does THS feel about it? I’ve sometimes felt guilty being asked back to a wonderful house sit that others didn’t have the opportunity to get but if THS is okay with it - I’m much happier!


IMO, it’s perfectly fine. If I were a home owner, I’d love to be able to invite the same people back again, especially if we’ve become friendly. We’ve had a few people give us a heads up that they have a trip planned in case we’re going to be heading that way but we’ve only been able to take advantage of the opportunity once. It’s also nice for sitters to return because we already know the pets and how the household runs already.


There’s nothing wrong with being invited back to do a sit if you and the HO have enjoyed the experience. I will be returning soon to sit for HO for the third time (they checked if I would be available). We have become good friends so it’s lovely to catch up with each other. It makes the sit so much easier because of familiarity with both pets and homes. We both realise though that I might not be available all the time when they are wanting to go away.


Honestly, I don’t even think about it. Should I say no so that someone else has a chance? Sorry but that’s not how life works. I have done a good job and for that I will be invited again. That is all. Is that unfair? No, I don’t think so. What’s next? You can’t get a new sit, you’ve already had two this year and now it’s someone else’s turn. Or someone complains that the sitters with a larger number of five star ratings have more chances and that would be an unfair advantage. It is not the task of THS to intervene here and create equal opportunities. That’s just how the system works. Do a good job and get a reward.


Hi @Annette repeat sit requests are testament to everyone, pets and humans, having had the best possible experience.

When members connect in such a way friendships do develop, many lifelong … I know it’s happened to me … to be asked back as a sitter is a huge compliment and absolutely accept, the only advice would be to request the owner to go through the site in the usual way.

It doesn’t always work as you may not be available however what is so important is that owners have experienced the best pet care option for their pets and care for homes in their absence and they will be able to engage other wonderful sitters.


I think it’s fine, and that it possibly evens out over time, as I suspect there are very few sitters who only want the same sit over and over again. We get asked back to sits regularly, but generally we’ve moved on to exploring a different area of the world, so it was only when we based ourselves in UK for a few years again, and since Covid, that we’ve been available to accept repeats. We are always honored to be asked and it’s usually the start of some of the wonderful friendships we’ve made.

From the owners point of view (from what we’ve heard), they do feel get reassurance from having repeat sitters who are good and that have an already establed rapport with the pets. It also makes handovers easy, and for us as sitters it’s a little like returning home to family :slight_smile:

We do always ask for accepted repeat sits that they put the posting up on THS so that we all benefit from continued reviews and feedback options.

There was one owner we sat for who said they loved meeting different sitters and hearing about their wonderful adventures and so she always gave the opportunity to new sitters each time.


We have done repeat sits and the owner just sends us a private invite which we accept and it is still done throughTHS. This is much better than having them post the sit and then select me as a repeat sitter and having a bunch of other people waste their time applying. I have wasted my time applying for sits that really should have never been posted because they had someone lined up already.


I never do the same sit again as I like to explore different areas. I have been asked back a few times and do feel a little guilty to have to say no.
This may sound harsh but I’m not on this site to make friends with the HO.
I get attached to certain pets enough already!

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It’s always nice to be invited back a second time and subsequent times. It’s a big validation of the fact that you did a good job the first time round. I have more than one home owner who has asked me back. However, would ALWAYS prefer to sit a second and subsequent times through THS (because that’s what you’ve paid for ) and for the important INSURANCE aspect of the sit via THS. If something goes wrong on a sit you’ve arranged outside THS, then you are at the mercy of the home owner. If the animal went missing. Also, without going through THS, you won’t have a review of the good job you’ve done. I’d always prefer going via the website.


There is no problem doing repeat sits as if another sitter is missing out on the sit you are re-doing they may end up doing the sit that you would have been doing had you not been doing a re-sit!

Its all swings and roundabouts


Interesting perspective. We’ve done a number of repeat sits and the idea that it’s unfair to others has not once crossed my mind, let alone feel guilty about it. To me, happy house sitting is all about a positive experience being had by all, and repeat sits are perfect for that. It’s easier to get into a routine, everyone knows each other, the animals will remember you and be comfortable, and it’s a great way to explore a new place in a deeper way. Even for house sits that we repeat many times, we always suggest they keep their THS membership for insurance purposes as listed above, but also there likely will be a time when we can’t do a repeat due to prior obligations, and then they can use the site to find someone else. Doing repeat sits doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do every house sit for the same people every time they need someone. And as others have mentioned here, some people don’t like doing repeats.

All in all, I wouldn’t think twice about it, just enjoy your repeat sits! =)


We are always delighted to be asked back & have always accepted if we are available. We believe that it is easier for both the HO & ourselves as we know the pets & the home, which also enables a quick handover.


I’m with you. Especially this year, we have been asked back to previous sits and it has been a fantastic experience. We choose sits (near and far) because we want to explore the area, the animals look and sound like our kind of pets, there is an event nearby we want to go to, we want to visit family and friends or just for the sheer joy of looking after friendly animals. So going back reinforces why we went in the first place. I also think pet owners like to have people who they know and have shown they can be trusted with their property and animals. And of course the most important reason, the pets are familiar with you and you are familiar with the pets. Their reaction when they see you again is one of the best things about repeat sits. Yes, repeat sits are good.
As for not allowing other people to visit that area, that is just silly. There are always multiple sits in the same area. Maybe it’s just green cheese because you get asked back to a “honey pot” of a sit.
Love this life


Yes I have done several repeat sits and see no reason to stop really, 2 sittings in particular just outside London with easy access keeps me entertained as there is always so much to see and do in the capital, it makes visiting the city so much easier and MUCH cheaper!! I have done 6 repeat sits between the 2 HO’s and really got to know them and their pets…


2020 was the first year we missed doing a 6 week sit in Barnes, London that we have done every year since 2012 … Teasel the cat was a mere kitten when we first looked after her and is now 9, we are missing this year as well the owners have a beautiful home in the Hamptons but have decided to go to Edinburgh for 2 weeks rather than cross the pond.

Catherine said “I’m so sorry you can’t come home again this summer, but we promise next year, Miss Teasel will not forget you, neither will the garden!” :heart_eyes:


I’ve done repeat sits in the Hamptons in Worcester Park. It’s a lovely area.


We have done several repeats and they are great. One obvious advantage is that you know the score so you can decide how much you want to go back there. Another is you know where things are. These are both advantages for the owner too


We have done several repeat sits. If the owner contacts us privately I always ask them to invite us through THS to keep our profile up to date and for insurance. I love going back and owners we already know.