Just curious--regular repeat sitting?

I sometime see requests for sitters in which the homeowner is seeking someone who will come back again and again and become their “regular sitter.” They are looking to build a long term relationship etc. I am curious. Is that a thing? Do people really find that here? I actually do return to homes when the dates line up and often with planning that can happen. But I couldn’t really commit to becoming someone’s regular sitter for every time they travel, even if it was someone located in driving distance to my home. So, just curious. Do you do this?


Hello @SABrenner welcome!
I can assure you IT is most definitely a thing. A very good thing it has been for me, led me to establish years long repeat visits, long term with animals I love, places I adore and people who are now in that special friend category.

It’s actually how I started and still do this. And I do it traveling not locally.


Welcome @SABrenner. I have done repeat sits but only when it has suited me. One couple often organise their time away to suit my availability! As one of the reasons to do sitting is the opportunity to travel, repeat sits have to be where I would like to return to and for lovely owners and pets.


HI @SABrenner as @Amparo says it is a “thing” and one of the wonderful ways that friendships, sometimes lifelong, develop.

I have a 6 week summer sit in London that I have been doing since their adored cat was just a kitten, less that one year old, she will be 9 this year.

COVID made us miss two years but we will be back this year and there are many other sits we return to, some local others farther away, even international.

So yes it really is a thing …


@SABrenner I received an email last week from a homeowner I did a sit for last September. She let me know that she had three sit dates and did I want any of them. I was available for one and agreed to that. She first offered them to sitters who had previously sat for her before posting them. She said it made far less work for her, as she always video chats with selected applicants and she has a busy lifestyle.


We had numerous sitters who were repeats. We really struck up a great relationship with them and our baby girl felt very comfortable with them. When we lost our girl three months ago, we contacted all those who were “regulars” and each were so appreciate of us letting them know. We received cards, flowers, and even a stuffed pet made to look like our girl, that was done through a rescue group.

This is a great group of folks and we have made so many new friends.


We mostly do repeat sits nowadays, but are also not always available to sits for our “regulars”. Especially for people like us who work full-time and pet sit throughout the year it really makes things easier (we don’t have time for a lot of sight seeing anyway).

Thank you all for satisfying my curiosity. It is nice to know the TrustedHousesitters fills many different needs. I also love to return to places and pets I have come to love and this summer I will be going back to stay with some cat friends in Hampshire and in London. My question was prompted more by postings such as this one: “We are looking for a friendly, reliable and trustworthy person who would be happy to housesit for us during our holidays, weekends away and the odd night away.” Sadly, I am not generally available to pop over to London for a bank holiday, although I wish I was! Happy travels everyone!