Multiple Sitters at a time

Hey there we were just wondering if anyone has had experience of using multiple sitters at the same time
We have a large property in the Algarve and whilst 2 people is enough for our pets comfort the land and the space can cope with more with maybe a sharing of the load and a nice atmosphere to bring sitters together
Just an idea…any thoughts

totally possible. Many sitters know other sitters and would be happy to accommodate. As with everything else Communicaton Is Key! Certainly I wouldn’t arrange to have different sets of sitters who didn’t know each other and who were not aware of your arrangements. Additionally there are many housesitter families who would be great for this. We did a farm sit once with our adult daughter (after being granted permission of course) and that worked out wonderfully for homeowners, sitters and animals :slight_smile:


I’m guessing only one set of sitters would be able to listed and reviewed though.

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Hi @JASENKAY123 welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining us from Portugal

Looking at your listing I see you’ve had one sitter couple return four times, testament to great hospitality and the sit being a good fit so I wonder why you would need more than a couple for future dates.

As @liz says you could consider opening your listing to a family with older children who could share the load. As for sitters sharing a sit … there are many stories of best friends not getting along when they try vacationing together and with pet and housesitting, which isn’t a vacation there are many responsibilities to share and so being in sync and known to one another is the only way it could work but you cannot confirm two sets of sitters for the same sit of course and who would get the review after the sit?

And just for further consideration one of the main reasons for not allowing third parties on a sit is through experience we know that this can cause conflict and sit issues.

A family would seem to be a good solution after all you have the space and it sounds like a wonderful opportunity for everyone involved.


Thanks for your comments everyone

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I wouldnt do multiple sitters from other families at the same time but I would split up a sit to accommodate.

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Sorry but I think that is a terrible suggestion. I would hate to share a property with strangers and would not want to share the responsibility for pets or a house in case something went wrong that was due to the other sitters.


totally agree that sharing with strangers is not a good idea, but many sitters are good friends with other sitters - we are not all strangers to each other :slight_smile:


good points Angela. I was not thinking in terms of THS and reviews etc. I was thinking on broader terms and there are certainly some sitters we are friends with that we can envision sharing a sit with :slight_smile:

I’m with you on this one. It’s the solitude we love.
It would be a nightmare if anything went wrong. THS policy is only the sitter is on the property so how would that work?

I love this idea! As an extrovert, I love meeting new people when travelling and have had great experiences Co-working & Co-living with others.

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