Multiple pets

I have 6 dogs & 4 cats. I only need a sitter for 2 nights while I attend my sons wedding. I am worried about paying the fee as most people would be put off by the amount of pets I have. I keep a clean house. Am I likely to to find someone

Hello @Jill5015 and welcome to our pet loving community!! There are many sitters who would relish lots of pets, however for others this would be too many and much would likely depend on their routines as well as the sitters confidence around six dogs.

The breeds of dog, the home, location, exercise routines etc. would all play into this, which is why using the support of a platform like TrustedHousesitters is recommended. They have all the resources and support to ensure you find the best sitters for both you and your pets.

However, at the moment there are an unusually high number of owners advertising (as they all begin to travel again) and a lot will depend on your dates. If your dates are not immediate you should have no problem, but it is a short sit at a time where sitters are plentiful. Many would also want a good handover with six dogs to make sure they are confident with their exercise and feeding routines, so this may also be a factor for applicants.

There is a money back guarantee with the standard and premium memberships but terms do apply.

“With our Standard and Premium tiered Owner memberships - if you do not receive any sitter applications within 14 days of posting your first listing, you’ll receive your money back with no strings attached. To qualify for the Money Back Guarantee, you must publish your listing a minimum of 14 days before the start of the first sit.”

Hopefully you’ll get some other feedback here from members, owners and sitters who own or have cared for lots of pets!!

Hi Jill
Sitters vary in the types of sits they prefer and you will find plenty of people who would love a menagerie of animals such as yours. Mentioning the house is clean is definitely good because that is something people might wonder about when they see someone has so many pets. Two things in particular that I think are really important for a good listing are information about the animal’s routine (times they expect to eat, be walked,etc…) and good photos of the living spaces the sitters will be spending time in, particularly the bedroom. Good luck!

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