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Over a month ago we listed four different house/pet sits for this coming year (through July). Two with the dogs, two without. We have sitters for three, but are having trouble finding house/pet sitter for 10 days in mid-June. We have two little dogs, one of which is tiny (4 lbs on a good day) and has several anxiety after being mauled by a much larger dog. We’re wondering if our request that our dogs not be left for long and the neediness of the little one are turning people off. How do we get more applicants?
Thanks in advance.

Please can you add your listing to your profile and then members can give you help and advice to attract more applicants :+1:


I am sure that you will find a sitter closer to the date.

I found your post, and you say that the dogs can be left for 3 hours, which might be OK for many people.

The “sitters need a car” might be deterring people (lots of other posts about this you can find), so if you can offer a car, it would greatly enhance your listing.

Definitely that will limit your pool of sitters. On the other hand: you still have several months and not everyone will be willing to confirm a relatively short sit so far in advance. There might also be time to work on the behavior of your dogs and through that the sit might be less challenging after all (which would entice more sitters).

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Hello @Murphmag

I am glad that you have found sitters for some of your dates and have received some great advice from the forum community. As Cuttlefish mentioned if you would like to add your TrustedHousesitters listing link to your forum profile, then members can view it and give you feedback and tips. Plus we get to see photos of your little dogs!

Here is a post explaining how to add the link, but if you need help please let me know:

There is still lots of time for sitters to apply for your June dates so I hope that you get some more applications soon.

Best wishes Carla

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