Advice for HO with Multiple Pets

Hi everyone! I am brand new to Trusted Housesitters and was looking for advice on how to make my listing more attractive to sitters. I have 2 dogs and 4 cats in a 3-story townhouse in Annapolis, MD. The sit would be for 6+ weeks between the end of December and middle of February.

I have seen past forum comments with some sitters saying they do not submit applications on sits with more than 2 pets. I am wondering if there is anything I can do to make my listing more attractive to potential sitters with the number of animals in the home. Is there anything I can specify that would help sitters consider my listing?



A big welcome to the forum.

I have taken the liberty of adding your listing profile to your forum profile, although I see you have already added it to your profile introduction.

I am sure you will get some useful advice from the other members of the forum.

I would suggest, with regards to your cats, that you mention, are they indoor or outdoor cats, as well as their temperaments. Are they easy-going, and do they just do their own thing? This will help sitters understand their responsibilities better regarding the cats.

Excellent, thank you Therese! I never would have thought to mention that about the cats. I really appreciate it!

It really depends on the HS if they accept multiple animals. But the fact that you are working and have 6 animals at home is a good sign to me (meaning that it can be done even for sitters who do home office). What would interest me: what are the characters of the different animals? The cats seem to pretty independent, but what about the dogs?

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@MEMcDME what a beautiful home and pets! Things I would be interested to know:

-Perhaps you could state the total number of bedrooms - not all sitters feel comfortable in the master bedroom, so if it’s reasonable, tell them what the alternative is, if there is one, of course!
-Also, it might be worth mentioning if the pets sleep on your bed, or in their own beds.
-The dogs look quite large - just mention if they are good walkers or good on the lead, and how long their walks are to be…should someone be strong or can anyone walk them…

I’m sure you’ll find someone. We did a housesit with 2 dogs and 4 cats once, and although we expected it to be crazy busy, it was only at feeding time that things got busy. The rest of the time they just lazed around while we worked. The biggest ‘task’ was maintaining some semblance of a ‘hair-free home’! If you have a great vacuum cleaner, by all means mention it. There are few things more depressing than being on a long sit with a terrible vacuum cleaner… (this is personal!)


I updated the information about the dogs. Many thanks Timmy!!

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Thank you botvot!! Great points! I mentioned everything you suggested. I really appreciated the tip about the vacuum cleaner. I didn’t think of that and it is certainly relevant to mention for a longer sit. I guess this is one of the few moments that I get to show off my Dyson :slight_smile:


There are many who love a menagerie of pets who may or may not be on the forum. Many HOs have lots of pets and the right sitter will apply. Long term sits are also attractive to many. Be patient and focus on those.
Highlight the advantages of your pets, home, location and anything you can offer that will make the sitter feel at home and welcome.
You’ve got excellent tips already.
Annapolis is a beautiful area. Lived there a very good while in what seems like another life now.
Best wishes


@MEMcDME I read your profile and I agree, it seems you have quite a bit of great info already there…and your babies are adorable.

As I read through your profile, I looked at what you wrote about wanting to spend some time with your husband while he is back home. I totally get that, and am wondering how you might add that info into your heading so as to help potential sitters realize how important this sit is for you. I might suggest something like “Can you help our Mom go visit our Dad who is serving our Country?” Tug at those heartstrings a little! I know if I could help I certainly would jump on it in a heartbeat as we owe all family members of our Armed Forces so much help and respect!

I wish you all the luck in the World and feel in my heart someone will be applying soon!

Thank you for your sacrifices and thank you husband for what he does!


Love this suggestion and agree :100:
Annapolis is home to a huge naval academy, flight schools, great place to grab some lessons, many historical sites, military bases nearby that many would love to visit.
And can we talk about shipyards? Sailing, boating…
And when it snows, it’s magical.

Thank you for the reply Amparo! It’s great knowing some sitters would not be deterred by the number of furry friends.

Yes, I totally agree that the area is amazing! And I’ve made plenty of day trips to DC from here. I’m going to spend some time really highlighting the pros of the location because it is such a great city. Thank you for the suggestions :slight_smile:

Debbie! Wow, what a beautiful suggestion!! I so, so appreciate the feedback. Yes, the menagerie certainly makes the logistics of seeing him tricky. I will definitely be sure to highlight that on my listing. I really appreciate the advice and your kindness!!!

I agree with what others have already stated…I would love to see more details about the pets. Behaviors, personalities etc. We definitely wouldn’t be deterred by a total of 6 pets if everyone is friendly. You’ll no doubt find the perfect sitter, who will appreciate both your pets and the fantastic location.

You are most welcome
Do also mention how pets do home alone for how long. Do the dogs travel well? Is that agreeable or do you have other options.


Welcome @MEMcDME. I’ve done a few sits now with 3 or 4 cats so no problem there. Are the cats indoors, outdoor cats or a mix. Any medicines that need administering?

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As a sitter, your number of pets wouldn’t deter me from applying. I used to have a similar number of pets, plus a flock of chickens that took way more time each day than the dogs and cats. I hope to retire soon to house sit full time and I would apply for your sit. Can’t do it this year but maybe in the future. Love Annapolis - used to help crew a racing boat that a friend owned and kept there. Bet you get a great sitter soon.

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@richten1 Hey there! Thanks for your questions! The cats are all indoor only, but they spend a lot of time sleeping in the basement in a 3rd bedroom that I filled with cat condos and scratchers to appease the felines (the door to the cat room is always open). The blond doodle takes one pill in a pill pocket that is dropped in his kibble each feeding. No medications for any of the others.

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Hi @JEHFromVA! Thank you for the input! I would love to have you for a future sit :slight_smile: I’m so relieved that the number of pets isn’t an issue for some sitters. Annapolis is beautiful in the winter but even better during boating season!

I think, for many sitters it depends on what the pets are rather than numbers as some animals are much easier to care for than others.

As an example -

We would be happy to sit for 2 dogs and 4 cats but it would be unlikely that we would apply for a sit for 4 dogs and 2 cats.

We would be happy to sit for 3 small breed dogs but it would be unlikely that we would apply for a sit for 3 large breed dogs

We have a sit booked in February where we are sitting for 27 sheep - We would definitely not apply to care for 27 cats!