Is four dogs putting potential sitters off?

Hi, as a first time poster (THS having been recommended by several people), I have put together what I think is a reasonable profile. We live in a lovely house in a really beautiful part of the UK and yet no one has applied to sit. We actually have five dogs but I have arranged for one to go elsewhere while we are away, I’m wondering whether I should ask a friend to look after one of the others. Many thanks.


Hi @CorfeLiz - Welcome to the group! Having 4 dogs will reduce the number of interested sitters but having a nice house in a good location will go a long way to appeal to sitters that enjoy multiple pets.

Could you link your listing to your profile so that we an take a look and see if we can offer any advice?

This is how you do that -


I have a four-dog sit (plus other animals) coming up. I felt ok about it because it’s a rural sit and the dogs can be exercised off lead. If I’d had to wrangle them on leads through city or suburban streets, I wouldn’t have applied.
As Colin suggests, link your profile here so you can get specific suggestions.
I’m still looking for sits in the UK, but in the north.
Anyway, take heart — there are a lot of dog fanatics among us.


Thanks Colin, I think I’ve followed the instructions correctly but am not very tech-savvy! Best wishes Liz

Hi @CorfeLiz - you nearly got it, but not quite! I am sure one of the admin members will step in to help @Therese-Moderator @Kelly-Moderator @Karen-Moderator @Angela-HeadOfCommunity @Carla-Moderator

Hi @CorfeLiz no problem … I have fixed it for you the link is now in your profile.

You have a lovely home and the faces of your four furry family members would capture many a THS heart.

Four (quite large) dogs that need to be walked twice a day would put most solo sitters off and perhaps some couples. It would be important and helpful to describe if they are good on leash, have good recall, etc and maybe describe how you effectively manage them all at once. Do you walk them all at once on your own? Are two people needed? It’s a lot, and I love dogs, but probably wouldn’t personally apply. Still, if they are very well behaved and can be walked easily as a group, you might find a willing couple. Good luck!


Sit looks lovely as do the dogs & great breeds too. Definitely ask for a couple as that will stand out, 4 is too much for a solo sitter. You could send out invites for your sit too? Maybe add some Corfe Castle and Studland photos as well to sell the surrounding area and things to do whilst sitting. It’s Easter hols as you know so lots of people looking for sitters but you have time so give it a try. Best of luck :crossed_fingers:(we don’t sit in the UK or we would jump at it!) And maybe change the title to Comfy, cosy, couples sit in Corfe Castle (love an alliteration) :rofl:

I agree that more info is required. I love dogs, specifically Goldens and adjacent breeds, and we have sat for four dogs before. However, those dogs didn’t require walking. I would definitely want to know how they are on a walk if they encounter other dogs or humans (although, given their breeds, they are likely just big loving playful pups and greet everyone with enthusiasm). What is their recall like off-lead. Will 2 willingly stay at home if the other 2 are walked, in case the sitters need to split them up? How long of a walk do they need? Is there a supermarket in your town?
It looks like a beautiful part of the country and I’m sure you’ll be able to find someone.


I think you need to clarify four or five dogs (sit is for four dogs, but you talk about where five sleep) - where will the fifth dog be? Do they travel well in a car - can sitters take them out for a day?

I agree your sit is aimed a couples rather than solo sitters. Could your sit be family friendly - maybe with older children? - if your dogs are OK and you have room? Dorset would be popular in school holidays.

Your kitchen is lovely but the worktops look cluttered. De-clutter - just for the photos!! (I think clutter always looks worse in photos but perfectly reasonable in real life :smiley: I do not have a minimalist house either…)


You definitely have requirements that would put off some potential sitters:
You have 4 dogs which is a lot to manage
You require 2 walks a day and they have different requirements as to on-lead or off-lead. With 4 dogs even one with issues such as lively or mole-digger could be a problem. While walking 3 other dogs it can be disastrous.
You don’t want them left for more than 4 hours.
Personally any of these would cause me to not apply and as others have said a single person or even a couple if they haven’t managed this many dogs before may decide it is too much.
Would they manage with one walk a day for the week? Then they could be taken out in 2 walks of 2 dogs?


Hello @keldinsmith and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face: … and thank you for participating and contributing in this thread.

Gosh, thanks everyone for such helpful feedback, I’m very grateful. We actually have five dogs but one goes on regular holidays with a local family which she is doing for this sit, hence the five / four mistake. I don’t believe that any dog should be left for more than four hours so would hope that this wasn’t a deal breaker for someone wanting to house sit with dogs… I’ve also updated quite a lot of information about each of the girls, so hopefully some ‘maybe’ people will become applications and we can talk further.


@CorfeLiz just to give you some reassurance, we have done several dog sits where the pups can’t be left for more than four hours. We are both lucky to be able to work remotely and whilst we like to explore when we housesit dogs we could be classed as homebodies! We fill our time with dog walks, dog-friendly cafes, reading, cooking and such so there are sitters that would work for. Hope you find a great sitter for your pack :dog:

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Hi @CorfeLiz, I had the good fortune to cat sit in Corfe Castle in 2017 and loved being there in a thatched cottage. There were amazing walks I went on with the local Nordic Pole Walking group so I can imagine how much your dogs enjoy walking in that countryside.
Under Home and Location it still mentions 5 dogs so it would be good to adjust that, even saying as you have here that the fifth dog goes to a local family for its holiday!
In relation to allowing sitters to use your car for the dogs, it will likely be determined whether you have a UK or international sitter. At present, it is virtually impossible for UK owners to get their insurance companies to okay an international sitter, so you would need to look into this. Although I rent a car when in the UK, I do not transport dogs in it because of the car rental agreement so it is important to have walks straight from the door which you would have.
Your dogs are beautiful and hopefully you will find some lovely sitters to give them love and care whilst you are away.

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That face is absolutely delightful!

Exact same for me: I would take 4 dogs who can run freely on walks, and I would not take 4 dogs on leads, with my own Assistance Dog added to that mix, yikes. And, I am seeking Sits in the North of Scotland, where no car is needed or HO allows use of their car. I love as many dogs as will get along well, so 5 is not too many for me. I am big, and strong, and a dog trainer. Aloha, Claire + Tarkina, the A. Dog

I love dogs and I wouldn’t mind watching four dogs but I would already be thinking about the amount of work it take to leave the house super clean and remove all the hair from my clothes. If it is a short sit, the work outweighs the benefit. In my opinion.

Also, I agree with others, I’m not walking four dogs on a leash and I would not want to put the dogs in my car, again knowing the work involved cleaning the car afterward.

Hi Temba and thanks for your lovely comments about Corfe Castle - it is indeed a very special place! I take your point about international sitters and car insurance, there are lots of lovely walks on the doorstep. I go in a different direction every morning and never get bored! Liz


Thanks Carla, much appreciated! Hebe is now going to a friend, and Grace could if need be, so the two younger dogs will be here. I’m hoping that this makes it more attractive to potential sitters! I really appreciate your supportive comments!


I guess this one’s not for you then!!