Being let down by a sitter

I am so sorry to hear that happened to you. I’ve been a sitter many, many times and it has always been a mutually beneficial, friendly relationship. I know you will have better luck with the next one. I will also add, that I have twice had to apply for last minute sits because my booked sits cancelled on me last minute (thank you Covid). It is possible to find someone on short notice and it all worked out beautifully for me. I hope you found someone wonderful to come look after your fur babies. Good luck!

Welcome back @portugal61 it’s been a while, good to see you again.

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HI @judif I have added your listing into your Forum Profile so that other members can find and view …


Thank you!

I’ve looked at your listing. I’d suggest you remove the reference to current renovations as you’ve dated it July 2020. This could make sitters wonder if the rest of your listing is current. That’s especially true as you refer to medication being required, but perhaps that may no longer be the case.

It is helpful if you be more specific than ‘two main walks’ and ‘one quick walk’ as this is subjective. Adding your usual length of time for the main walks would help a sitter assess whether they’re a good fit for the dogs’ usual lifestyle.

I suggest you add photos of the kitchen and bathroom, as most sitters want to be able to see their living areas.

Ok thanks Snowbird. I’ll have a look. We have never had a problem getting sitters previously. This has occurred as we’ve been let down at short notice.

@judif We have lived the past two years in constantly changing times. Although we are hopefully seeing more activity in travel, things are unlikely to return to your experiences before the pandemic, at least not right now. We are all having to adjust and reassess how we manage things, both sitters and homeowners. Although you experienced sitters cancelling, the focus now has to be on finding new sitters to take care of things for you and your dogs. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi again Snowbird,

I have spent some time updating my listing. Didn’t realise how out of date some of it was! I may also try contacting some sitters who are not already committed to a sit in April and live fairly locally. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am sorry to hear you had to go through all that.

You really are the extra mile, gold star amazing house owners though! Accommodating a sitter before the sit (night before), hotel, transport and making them feel welcome!

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Thank you SuzAndy. We have always looked after our sitters and helped with transport, accommodation etc when needed.
As it is now getting close to our planned holiday we have to decide (within 24 hours)whether to cancel and lose a lot of money or book the boys into kennels at a cost of approximately £300. I am so annoyed and upset with the sitter who cancelled not one but two sits for us.

@judif if you would like @Angela-HeadOfCommunity to promote your listing on social media, please direct message her with that request.

HI @judif I am so sorry this has happened to you as @Snowbird says would you like to have your listing promoted on our Social Media Channels. Either DM me or reply in this thread.

Hi, I think this has come to me in error and I’m not sure Angela will see it. I have also been corresponding with Angela on a different topic.

Sorry this happened to you. In looking at your profile, it seems several of your sitters did not leave reviews on your sit, including your most recent sitter in November. Missing reviews may be viewed by sitters as possible signs of potential problems. You should contact your previous sitters and request reviews on sits that were completed. If any of the sits were cancelled, you can contact member services and have those sits deleted. Your pups are adorable. Good luck in finding great sitters for your upcoming sits.

How do you see un-reviewed sits?

If a sitter hasn’t left a review this may be because I didn’t leave one for them. I have been happy with all of our sitters so far and would expect to have been told if there had been a problem with our dogs or our home. What you don’t see on the website are the WhatsApp messages that we have exchanged with the sitters and the photos they have sent to us. To date there have been no reported problems. We go out of our way to ensure our sitters are comfortable and welcome and have everything they need.
I am also sceptical about some of the reviews. This lady who has let us down has 3 5* reviews yet THS tell me I am the first sit she has applied for.

How do I see unreviewed sits? I’m not sure I understand. I do know that not all the reviews are genuine. The person who has let us down for April is showing 3 glowing 5* reviews despite the fact that we were the first sit she had applied for on THS.

Hi @judif , @Southernsitter is correct, If you have several past sitters that have not left you reviews that is the biggest red flag for future sitters - there has been much discussion of this on this forum

Why have you not left reviews for your sitters?

@judif / @Katie - Unreviewed sits can only be seen on the App - not on the site

I have mostly left reviews from memory. I don’t know why I’ve missed some. Certainly no bad reasons. We have had good relationships with all our sitters and, prior to this, have had no problems in acquiring applications! It is rather last minute this time.
Thank you to everyone for your comments.