Best Friends ... Peggy & Monty

Peggy & Monty at home in France … We just love this pic :dog: :dog: :heart:



When I see such pictures, I feel very sad, my former dogs loved each other, loved both the cat. And I kept marvelous pictures of them 2 or 3. Loosing pets is terrible


Lovely pics to look back on and memories

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Nothing like toasting by an openfire

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Fynn and his friends from England

Waiting for my wife.

After an exhausting adventure day

And with his best friend from Switzerland. We are well prepared sitter who show up with an air mattress when the HO rule is " He is not allowed on the couch". No we did not bring them specially for this, we always have them with us in case the guest bed does not really fit. Here it is used only for the TV evenings and to cuddle with the dogs. That’s what friend are for.
The advantage when traveling with your own car. And yes both still respect that furniture in that housesit are not allowed.