Bit of Advice Needed First Time Owner Looking for Sit in Near Future

Hi everyone!
I am looking for a sitter for a short sit just before Christmas. I have had zero applications and have boosted my dates. Could anybody provide any advice as to what has worked for them in the past?
Or even take a look at my listing to see whether there are any potential issues?

If this doesn’t work my Kitty will just have to have someone coming in during the day rather than staying which is not my preferred option.

Amy advice welcome!!
Thank you,
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Hi @Katie2
A big welcome to the forum.

I have taken the liberty of adding your listing link to your profile here so other members will be able to see it and give you the right advice.

I am sorry that you have not had any applicants, which is unusual. I see there is a little ‘New’ button on your listing, so hopefully you will get a response from this boost.
Best wishes

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@Katie2 I can understand your concern but as @Therese-Moderator has advised, she has embedded your link. Please just also know that day sits are not allowed on TrustedHousesitters.

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Hi @Katie2.
Your listing looks good to me. I do wonder if the rail strike on the 17th when few if any trains will run may be having a knock on effect?

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Ah yes - I know, I mean I’ll have to use another app rather than Trusted House Sitter if I don’t get anyone. So it would end up being daily visits rather than overnight.

@richten1 Thanks for having a look and your response. Hmm yes it could be the rail strike. It’s such a shame - I thought for my first go I would be having to pick between applicants rather than getting nobody!

Your home and kitty both seem great. I wonder if the dates might also be too close to Xmas. Lots of people will be heading to their Christmas sits around the 22nd.


Your listing looks nice and Flexie seems like a lovely kitty. I’m just down the road from you in Chelmsford and quite like staying in local-ish places so would normally have applied. The timing might be the issue this time as @Kootenaigirl suggests, I’m headed out for my Christmas sit on the 21st.

Not sure if Leigh has any Christmas events but maybe worth pointing them out if so to catch someone’s eye who is just browsing. Also, Leigh is such a lovely seaside town, people might not be aware that it’s quite different from other UK or Essex seaside towns, so maybe an idea to point out more highlights (safe environment, the little local fish stands, etc).


Flexie is gorgeous and your listing is great. You seem to have a lovely home in what sounds like a great location. Your listing is also family friendly, opening it up to a wider range of sitters.

It may be that your dates are just a little too near to Christmas. We start our Christmas sit on 17th December. I’ve favourited your listing so that I will be notified of any future dates.

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Ok, thanks for your reply. Your comments def make sense. Will have a look to add that extra information. And also good feedback to know it’s something you would normally apply for! Thanks again!

Thank you for your response. Yes, I think you may be right. Still nothing!

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I have clicked on the link to have a look at the listing but it doesn’t work??

Thanks Debbie, means a lot knowing it may just be the dates!

@Twitcher Ahh maybe because I was adding in those suggestions? I have finished now!

@Katie2 - still not working for me. Not just yours, quite a few links. Hope all goes well.

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Hmm, that’s not good! Maybe that’s why I don’t have any applications lol

I can see your listing, but I have to copy-paste the URL. If you modify the link slightly in your forum profile, I think it’ll let us just click to open it.

For example, @Therese-Moderator’s link starts with:…

but yours starts with just:…

I.e., try adding


You can test it yourself by clicking on your name in any topic. If the link is valid, it’ll be underlined and you can click on it. Below are Therese’s and yours:

That’s exactly what I’m thinking. Hopefully someone will be found as it’s a lovely area

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Thanks @geoff.hom - I’m going to try this

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Sorry @geoff.hom , where do I go to amend this?