Builders in on the sit

I’m coming to the end of a sit and was a bit peeved that both a relative and builders have been at the house. The builders were in over the whole weekend, including Sunday, and I felt like I had to fit in to their schedule at times! The relative was staying over a couple of nights and out in the day but I still felt I couldn’t relax into the sit as usual. It’s a lovely sit in other ways and the dog and cats are great, gorgeous house but how do I review?

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Btw I know people coming in is ‘against’ THS policy but what sitter is going to turn round to the HO or the builders and say that?! It’s a fait accompli when you are already there. If anything THS need to make this much clearer to HOs.


@Reliablesitter Please mention this in your review. Please! Just the facts. Yes, it is against THS 3rd party policy.

In the future, please be sure to discuss this issue – anong many others – with the homeowners during the video chat and before you accept a sit.

We are sitters and homeowners and find these violations beyond unacceptable.


@Reliablesitter that is so disappointing what a shame. Totally against the terms of sitting but HOs do it anyway and sometimes you’re stuck. The reviews should be blind now so you must mention it and can review honestly.

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It was only mentioned when I arrived so I’m not sure I could have avoided it. Also, I suppose I am reluctant to say something like in a video call, and as you are aware the terms of THS are single occupation in case they think I’m up to something. I guess I think to say these things directly will put people off.


It’s still tricky I think with the review though as other future HOs can read my review and think I’m a moaning minnie :-/


In the early years, before the Third Party rule came in, we have been faced on 2 occasions where tradesmen were arriving:

  1. Upon arrival, the HO said “By the way, the decorators will be arriving tomorrow, you won’t notice them” We advised them that they must make alternative arrangements which they did. (The gardener later told us they always do that when a sitter is scheduled)

  2. At the last minute we were advised that there would be landscaping and painting. Upon arrival (the HO had left before we arrived), the painter was painting internally and we could not get into the bedroom
    The landscapers were wheeling wheelbarrows through the kitchen and using the kettle.

After 2 hours of this we rang the HO to tell her to call both tradesmen off. She did reluctantly

We must be assertive


We don’t think you’re a moaning Minnie. Relatives and builders on one sit. What a pain. Did you know about either of them before it started?


If the tables were turned, would the HO be happy with this arrangement??
Seriously, that is so rude. You learn to be more assertive. There is a other thread that discusses this- if someone could kindly link it.

No, as I say only upon arrival! I think if it’s something discussed beforehand between HO and sitter that’s OK. I wouldn’t agree to it personally. At least it’s not as invasive as @Itchyfeet experienced. I guess they’re was a red flag of quite poor communication from HO before the sit.

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Also, whilst I remember. We had one HO tell us their son was going to come and stay for three days during our sit to which we said “unfortunately not possible as it breaks THS rules” and it was dropped as a suggestion. Another HO requested we spend a full day supervising 6 electricians as they installed a pylon in the garden. We sent her a message saying “please find yourself new house sitters” and she very quickly found someone local to do the job. Both were very long international sits so a bit different but just for info.


Sorry, you can’t edit and delete posts immediately now - see comments below - best of luck with the review :+1:t3: @Reliablesitter

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Yeah, it’s great you felt able to do that. Maybe there is two of you? I guess I wouldn’t feel at all comfortable saying that. I think I’d it was mentioned prior to the site I might but not once here…

@Reliablesitter i get that but they absolutely broke the third party rule and it is blatantly disrespectful towards you. Anyone reading it would understand and if they don’t then they are not the type of homeowners you want to be sitting for anyway so it would do a great job of weeding out those awful types of HOs.

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If someone showed up to stay at a home I was sitting, I’d let the host know that the person can stay and take over the sit and I’ll leave. Or I can stay and they can go elsewhere.

I don’t take sits without a Plan B. I can afford another place to stay and / or I can return home early.

Without a Plan B possible, yes, you’re setting yourself up to potentially make compromises that you might not want to.

It’s not OK for hosts to violate THS terms, but in such cases you probably have to fend for yourself, because THS does little or nothing.


If HO’s are unaware of the third party policy then I send them a direct link to THS ToS. If they still push back I tell them I would be unable to take meetings in their house since I’m under an NDA and Confidentiality agreement (I work for the government). With newer owners you need to do a little handholding and make sure to establish your boundaries!!

If you’re gonna mention it your review you could say something subtle like “Their relative who stayed over a couple nights was pleasant”


@Maggie8K I think I would find it more hassle and stressful to do that :joy:. Unless it was super noisy or disruptive. This isn’t, it’s just more the psychological thing.

Nice, i like your style.

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Your choice. If so, it is what it is.

Hi @botvot there are a couple of threads re builders on site during a sit and I have linked a couple for @Reliablesitter for reference