But I live in an Ugly Place Nobody Wants to Visit

Remoteness and no mod cons is my idea of heaven! I’ve just joined as a sitter and only doing local sits in the UK at the moment, until I get more confident.
I do imagine however, that lots of sitters look for remote and peaceful locations to just be with animals. :blush:

Check out this sit in Lampang, Thailand @MarieHuggins. Remote, no mod cons & sitting adventures all the way when you venture further afield. Hello from us & our beautiful jungle & menagerie



The OP is over a year old, so the owner, who is very honest about their location (oilfield town in NM, USA, Artesia is my guess) has probably made their decision to join THS. I’ll be equally honest, having quickly driven through the area: I wouldn’t like to spend more than a night passing through unless the home was fantastic with marvelous indoor amenities. I would also correct the description of a town with 30K souls; it is not small for the region, and likely has more to do than described. I don’t want to encourage wild exaggerations, but one does need to “sell,” one’s listing. “Ugly Place,” is not how I’d begin.