But I live in an Ugly Place Nobody Wants to Visit

Hi there. I’m considering joining TrustedHousitters but before I do, I have a question about whether anybody would ever want to visit my tiny town.

It’s in a New Mexico oilfield community not noted for its beauty. Flat and very hot in the summer. It’s not a tourist destination. Population 30,000.

What are the chances anybody would want to spend a week babysitting my corgi? Is it worth the $200 annual membership?


Hi @broncostarla ! Welcome to the forum. People pet sit for the pets and to experience a different lifestyle. Your location sounds unique. If you want to give it a shot, THS has a money back guarantee: Trusted Housesitters money back guarantee


Hi @broncostarla. Welcome to our community. I’m glad you found us. I’m a full-time traveler who often travels through New Mexico on my way to see family (brother in Demorest, NM; Mom in San Diego; in-laws in Texas), and I look for sits that break up the drive as I go from one place to the next. If you’ve got good air conditioning, a friendly and happy dog, a comfy place for me to sleep, and good wifi you would definitely hit my radar.


Hi @broncostarla ! Having similar worries… We live in a beautiful place in a very good location BUT our house doesn’t have TV, microwave, dryer or dishwasher. The house is also old, so it has it’s own quirks. We do have high speed wifi, a/c and communal pool, so I hope they will help.


Interesting that there seems to be many people living very remotely and without modern conveniences. From the responses, looks like there would be willing sitters.


Hi @CatsAndDog. Funny you think these are must haves as I’ve sat in a few places with a microwave, dryer or dishwasher. And some with a tv.
For me the pets, the location, the place and lastly good wifi are important. I’m sure you’ll find a sitter.


I’m currently house sitting in a place without microwave or TV and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. A dishwasher isn’t a must for me either, just a nice extra.


Good to hear @richten1 and @andrealovesanimals ! I just read some topics about what the Sitters expect to find in the house, and those were some of the most often mentioned amenities. We do have a kettle though :smile:


@CatsAndDog A kettle is music to my ears being a tea drinker! :coffee::sweat_smile:


@CatsAndDog :wink: :clap:

Kettle does it for me too @Samox24


Me too @CatsAndDog. I lived for maybe 10-15 years without a microwave as I ate a macrobiotic diet and microwaves were believed to alter the food chemistry so not used. I use one all the time now.

I have a dishwasher but almost never use it and never use one at a sit. And I often never even turn the TV on at a sit. It is the exception to find a clothes dryer in a UK home and after sitting there, I realized I can get along without one of those too.

At the moment I have a couple of sits lined up that do not have microwaves. I must admit, I will miss it. One has an air fryer, so that should suffice, the other owner has an Aga, which I have never used before, and no other cooker, which will be an adventure.

I applied to a home in the US that didn’t have a microwave and asked if they would mind if I brought a spare one we have here, as I would be driving. The sit for some reason didn’t work out, I can’t remember why now, but she seemed agreeable.

Is it on principle that you don’t have a microwave? If not, you might consider getting a small, cheap one to have on hand for a sitter.


For us TV is not important- we rarely watch it unless there is Netflix for watching the odd movie.
We rarely use microwaves.
If the weather is good, or there is a drying room, then we don’t miss a dryer.
So these items are definitely not deal breakers!
What we always love is a good cooker, a freezer, a kettle and a toaster! And a blender is great too!
And ofcourse good wifi.
Otherwise we are simple souls who just want a comfortable place to stay- warm, cosy, comfy chairs/sofa & a good bed!
And some lovely friendly pets!
And ofcourse we won’t say ‘No’ to a pool, sauna, jacuzzi, yoga room…and a pretty garden to sit in!! :rofl:


@mars No it’s not on principle that we don’t have an microwave. We used to, 15 years ago, but we gave it to someone needing it more than us and never bought a new one :woman_shrugging:


Haha! Greetings from a 300 years old house in the Swiss Alps without TV, microwave, dishwater and central heating. I love it here!
I have also loved the off-grid farm where I spent 5 weeks around last Christmas which didn’t have canalisation or power or water connection but just a hole in the ground, solar panels and a well. And also I didn’t mind sleeping on a mattress on the floor in one place, and in the home owner’s own bed together with her two stinky dogs in another.
What I am saying: There is a willing house sitter available for every place!


Lots of sitters are looking to live remotely and get away from the mainstream :wink:.
This sit sounds perfect.

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Hi CatsAndDog,
I would be very ingterested in a sit such as yours. I rarely use a microwave and I never use a dryer, as prefer putting clothes outside to dry. Also happy not to use a dishwasher. If you have high speed wifi then not having a tv does not matter. Some TV can be accessed on a laptop, as well as radio stations. The communal pool sound very inviting, so I don’t think you should have any problems. An old house with quirks is likely more interesting.


seeing people’s nice homes and pets , I started to feel hopeless if I ever find any sitter.

My place is very small, very simple ,just enough for 1 person and 1 pet( my cat), in a boring city ( but with very good public transport links) . My cat is very easy-going.

Anyone has any recommendations what more I can add ? I am very new to this site, and have never done something like this before. I had scrolled through a lots of advices from this forum, but not sure I am doing enough.


As a sitter, sometimes I consider sits in a location as you describe as a means to visit family/friends in the area or (currently) to isolate myself for an upcoming exam or writing retreat. Things that could sway me to apply in a more isolated location include:

  • assistance with transportation to/from airport;

  • use of vehicle for errands and in case of pet emergency (I often accompany HO to airport then return their car to their home for non-local sits);

  • office/work space (nothing fancy);

  • some amenity/feature for relaxation can often sway me (jetted tub or hot tub [even inflatable], functional pool, knowledge of local hikes/parks [use of car or bike to get there], meditation space, being surrounded by nature, use of bike or kayak, etc). Community pool access is a plus as you mention. I bet the stars are wonderful where you live!

  • ability to watch movies is definitely a plus, especially in an area without much going on. If you opt to get a cheap tv or projector, suggest that potential sitters bring their roku or firestick to use their own streaming services. Alternatively, highlight the high-speed wifi if sitters want to stream movies on their laptop/notebook. Microwave, dishwasher, and no TV are certainly not dealbreakers;

  • intensity and reasonability of responsibilities requested. Fenced in yard for potty breaks? Walking 2+ hyper dogs separately 5xday vs 2xday together?Just be up front and detailed about expectations in your post :slight_smile:

  • perceived safety in the community. Do neighbors look out for each other? Are there exterior cameras? I’m often traveling as a solo woman and consider a sense of safety to be a priority. Reading that “we have a wonderful neighbor who can help if needed” or something to that effect is reassuring in more remote locations;

  • well-lit photos of a clean home so that I know if the setting is conducive to my work. A few pet photos are great but they don’t sway my choice to apply since I genuinely adore animals;

  • disposition of the pet and if they’re on proper parasite prevention (if regionally appropriate). Raw diets and/or “natural remedies” are a hard pass for me.

I’m sure some will disagree with some features that entice me to apply for remote sits but hopefully that only highlights the diversity of sitters on the platform:)

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Welcome @trvyhoang .

Nothing wrong with living in a small studio . I have done so myself . I have looked at your listing and I have some suggestions that could improve it and make it more appealing to sitters .

  1. Your photos show your home as cluttered with things on the floor and every surface . As a potential sitter I am going to think :thinking: where will I put my stuff/ where will I cook and eat a meal ? there’s no space !
    Solution : Remove the clutter from the floor and all surfaces , put everything away in the cupboards - then retake the photos showing it at its best neat and organised .

  2. No bedding on bed - as a sitter I will be thinking do I have to take my own bedding ?
    Solution : Make up the bed with clean matching duvet and pillows maybe even some neatly folded towels for your sitter to use . Retake the photo.

  3. No where to sit ? Looks like the bed is a sofa bed - can you show how it is a sofa somewhere comfortable to sit by day maybe add some cushions ?

  4. Wall behind sofa bed appears undecorated -can you paint it or put a wall hanging or a nice picture on this wall .

  5. Location, Location, Location
    Tell your potential sitters what there is to do and see in the area - how far is it to London via public transport for example ?

  6. can you show the table set for someone to eat a meal so your sitter can see where they can eat ?

for inspiration on how to present your studio take a look at ideas on Pinterest . ( tiny homes interiors )


@trvyhoang I agree that your photos need improvement. Especially the kitchen & bedroom. They would not appeal to me in their current state. I would suggest you tidy up, declutter everywhere, open up the window blinds, make the bed up nicely and prepare your home- as if for a photo shoot to attract paying guests e g like for airbnb make sure your pics create the best possible impression!
Your kitty pictures are perfect- no need to change anything there!
I wish you good luck!

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