Cameras, Cameras, Cameras

One host disassembled it in front of me and the other said would take it down and I didn’t see any signs of the pet cam in front of the bunny kennel

Not sure if your reply was from my post. In my case, I don’t expect it in the listing, but any cameras should be mentioned prior to booking and in the welcome guide. In my case it was not a doorbell camera but a camera in a tree aimed at the front door.

A HO asked me on a sit whether it’d be OK to set up a camera to watch their pet sometimes. I agreed to it, because it was an aboveboard request and I knew where the camera would be and could tell when it was on.

It turned out that the pet rarely sat in camera range, preferring to hang out with me mostly in the guest room / office, where I spent most of my time, since I telecommute.

I ended up live streaming the pet a few times with my phone. It was all very friendly and I didn’t mind doing it to ease the HO’s mind, because it was the first time they’d been away for long since the pet had nearly died of an illness a year earlier.