Can a HO hide his/her listing from specific sitters?

The situation is the following:

I do a search in the “Find a house sit” menu, and only 2 options show up for Austria. I did not set any other filters, just the country.
Then I was looking at the “Find a pet sitter” menu and browsing through members, where I found a member who actually have an open house sit in Austria, Vienna which was not inclueded in my search in the “Find a house sit” menu.

Is it possible for home owners to hide their listing from specific house sitters?

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Welcome @Happy_Kardamom
No it’s not possible. However if you’re not a member and logged in you’ll get a selection of house sits rather than the current listings.
FYI - There are 3 current listings I can see when logged in for Austria looking for a sitter.

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I’m a Standard Sitter paying member, and I’m logged in. Here is the the details of the listing which is not visible in the search for me:
House sit for Sol in Vienna

Link to the listing was removed as per the posting terms

Hi @Happy_Kardamom
Find a house sit option for sitters to find a place to sit. Find a pet sitter gives you all current sitter members and their profile home town.
THS does not allow anyone to search home owners details other than via a listing they place and apply for.

@Happy_Kardamom Which filters have you selected for your search (such as the type of pet / or no pet or date range )?

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I mentioned in my question that " I did not set any other filters, just the country."

The first sits that show up are always ‘low applications’ so select ‘latest’ and you’ll see other listings…it took me ages to realise this.


If you mean the option to “sort by” “newest” , this still didn’t solve the above mentioned problem. :frowning:

In that case the default filter setting for a search is “any pets” which excludes any sit without pets .

I see that there is a sit in Austria currently reviewing that has no pet icons - so that would be the one that didn’t show up with the default filter setting .

Just to add to the confusion the sit with no pet icons is actually for a cat ….

but that’s the reason why you didn’t see it in your search because the host hasn’t selected any pet icons so it’s showing up as a sit with no pets .

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Unfortunately, that is not the homeowner that I referred to. The one I refer to is still accepting applicants and has 1 applicant only, while all Vienna sits get into the “reviewing” stage in around 3 hours. It feels like there is a bug in the search algorithm and that listing was “ghosted”.

Maybe - also that listing is for a month long sit which are not as popular as shorter sits .

But I have no idea why it would not show up in a search unless it had not been listed at the time you first searched and has only just now been listed .

I see one sit in Austria accepting applications. It’s not accessible by public transport so that’s probably why it’s hanging around for longer than than most.

I don’t know why it didn’t show up in your search. Are you sure you didn’t have “Accessible by public transport” selected under “More filters”? Otherwise maybe it was just a timing thing - it only went live after you looked through the other menu?

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