Sitter Search for My Location

Is there a way to search for sitters wanting sits in my community?

Unlike some housesitting sites where you can see a list of sitters who have listed that country as somewhere they want to visit, THS doesn’t filter results that way when you search sitters by location. Rather, the sitters that show up are ones who list that as where they are located.

Often this means where they are from originally–they may or may not sit locally, or be there at the moment.

Sometime this isn’t where they are from, but where they may be currently , and may or may not be looking for more sits in that area

Some may list that location as somewhere they hope to be in the near future and want to turn up on the ‘local sitter’ search.

Sitters can list countries they want to visit and you can see that on their profile–but it doesn’t get any more specific than that–no provinces, states,etc…

If you are located in a country that doesn’t have a really large number of sitters listed, you may have some luck checking out the profiles that show up to see if there is anyone you may be able to connect with.

Between the size of the membership, very limited filters available and the fact many sitters do not keep their calendars updated, I imagine for many owners, finding a sitter to invite would often seem like finding a needle in a haystack.

If you haven’t posted your listing yet, your best bet is doing that and see if anyone comes to you.

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It absolutely is (says a home-owner).

Hello, @JoanneB I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to the community forum.

I just updated your THS listing link in your forum profile as it was linking to an error page when I clicked it, it now is linking to your listing. I love your beautiful Australian Shepherds and the agility course photos, we recently housesat for a mini Aussie and said how good she would be at agility.

It is great that you are already receiving answers to your post and I am sure that there will be further contributions. You can also use the spyglass to search for current and previously discussed topics.

You can search under ‘find a sitter’ and enter your location, however as mentioned the sitters may not be available for your dates or currently sitting in this location.

As your dates start in May you still have lots of time to get sitter applications. Your listing is looking great, what I would recommend is adding additional photos, such as of the kitchen and making sure there are photos of all of the spaces that the sitters will be using.

I hope you get some great applications soon and please feel free to reach out if you need any further help at all.

Thank you, Carla. I will add some additional photos.

Our dates have been posted for four days. We live in rural Victoria, BC, and in the past, we have had a flurry of responses by now. I see from the Forum posts, that several others have also commented on the lack of responses. I have begun to search for local sitters, but understandably, most prefer sits away from home.