Sitter Search for My Location

Is there a way to search for sitters wanting sits in my community?

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Unlike some housesitting sites where you can see a list of sitters who have listed that country as somewhere they want to visit, THS doesn’t filter results that way when you search sitters by location. Rather, the sitters that show up are ones who list that as where they are located.

Often this means where they are from originally–they may or may not sit locally, or be there at the moment.

Sometime this isn’t where they are from, but where they may be currently , and may or may not be looking for more sits in that area

Some may list that location as somewhere they hope to be in the near future and want to turn up on the ‘local sitter’ search.

Sitters can list countries they want to visit and you can see that on their profile–but it doesn’t get any more specific than that–no provinces, states,etc…

If you are located in a country that doesn’t have a really large number of sitters listed, you may have some luck checking out the profiles that show up to see if there is anyone you may be able to connect with.

Between the size of the membership, very limited filters available and the fact many sitters do not keep their calendars updated, I imagine for many owners, finding a sitter to invite would often seem like finding a needle in a haystack.

If you haven’t posted your listing yet, your best bet is doing that and see if anyone comes to you.


It absolutely is (says a home-owner).

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Hello, @JoanneB I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to the community forum.

I just updated your THS listing link in your forum profile as it was linking to an error page when I clicked it, it now is linking to your listing. I love your beautiful Australian Shepherds and the agility course photos, we recently housesat for a mini Aussie and said how good she would be at agility.

It is great that you are already receiving answers to your post and I am sure that there will be further contributions. You can also use the spyglass to search for current and previously discussed topics.

You can search under ‘find a sitter’ and enter your location, however as mentioned the sitters may not be available for your dates or currently sitting in this location.

As your dates start in May you still have lots of time to get sitter applications. Your listing is looking great, what I would recommend is adding additional photos, such as of the kitchen and making sure there are photos of all of the spaces that the sitters will be using.

I hope you get some great applications soon and please feel free to reach out if you need any further help at all.

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Thank you, Carla. I will add some additional photos.

Our dates have been posted for four days. We live in rural Victoria, BC, and in the past, we have had a flurry of responses by now. I see from the Forum posts, that several others have also commented on the lack of responses. I have begun to search for local sitters, but understandably, most prefer sits away from home.

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I am a new member. I spent an entire week searching/inviting sitters to help me out being desperate to make last minute arrangements. I relied on sitters calendars to let me know who was available so I wouldn’t bother people who weren’t available or waste my time (which is also worth something). I got very frustrated and feel like this app let me down. I can appreciate that people want to take these opportunities to visit new places, explore, and have a good time. But there are those of us that have multiple animals that are older, needing medication, and even needing a little more people time to care for them. I think if I can’t easily find someone who has enough heart to understand that, then maybe I signed up for the wrong application. I almost feel like I will get better care from someone that charges feeling that they have a responsibility to the pets and to the owner.

Unfortunately that’s not the best strategy to get yourself a sitter even if it’s last minute. The best way is to create a fab post, great pics, cute pets, all the benefits of what to do nearby, plenty of info and get it up. Then boost it by changing a few bits or deleting it and reposting it and then asking THS to put it on LMS if it’s getting close. Invites are a wild card as the calendar is clunky and sitters availability changes so much. There are tonnes of great people who will want to help out if they can see what you need. Are you live now and have you attached your listing to your profile so that other members can help you out with how to make it even better @gkfutoran? IMO the barter system of swapping pet care for accomm means sitters on here are motivated by the animals and not money so have the best of intentions :raised_hands:t3:


Thank you @Cuttlefish . Im a new sitter and my motivation is 100% the animals. I also work full time though, so am fitting sits around work and using holiday. Most of the sitter posts ive been reading show how much they care for animals.
Im sad if that doesn’t come across to HO. I would sit for everyone if I could.
Im trying to keep my calendar updated but things change so its tricky.
Only been a member a week or 2.
I hope the original poster doesn’t get too despondent. I haven’t looked at your profile, but for me it’s all about the animals, so plenty of pictures of them 🩷🩷🩷


That’s great @MarieHuggins - am sure you’ll find lots of wonderful sits with THS. My reply was to help @gkfutoran from feeling despondent to be honest but glad it helped you too. We also still work so logistics, flexibility, communication & patience all essential to make the pieces all fit. Feel free to check out our profile, lots of animal pics as you say, 12 countries, 23 sits so far & currently on a jungle adventure sitting a menagerie in rural Thailand :thailand:- it’s a wonderful world of house & pet sitting :raised_hands:t3: Enjoy :blush:

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@Cuttlefish love the doggy yoga :woman_in_lotus_position: :grin:

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Thank you.
Yes. I was thanking you for saying there are lots of animal loving sitters on here, and I too hope the HO doesn’t get too despondent…I’m also new and think this is a fab app but appreciate there will be ups and downs, peaks and troughs. I hope the HO finds someone 🩷
@gkfutoran ,someone suggested to me that I link my profile so that when you hover over my name it takes you to my sitter profile. Highly recommend you do that too,so when you reach out in this forum sitters can find your profile,otherwise we cant…keep positive, there are some lovely people on here🤗

Welcome @gkfutoran THS is a great platform to find sitters from all over the world .

Have you created a listing ? How to create the perfect owner listing |

Once your listing is live -any sitters who are interested and available can apply to you . It will save you a lot of time .

Whilst no money is paid to a THS sitter,for it to work it has to be mutually beneficial to both HO and sitter .

In addition to taking good care of your pets needs - will your THS sitter have time to either work from home or visit attractions in your area ?

For example does your home have features that your sitters can enjoy during their stay.

Or do you live in a location that people like to visit - what are the main attractions ?

How will the sitter get to your location, is it easy by public transport, will they need a car or are you providing one ?

If your pets & home need full time attention from the sitter with no time for the sitter to do anything else ( work , visit ) or if it is going to cost the sitter a lot of money at their own expense to travel to your home to look after your elderly pets full-time then you are correct that your sit is more suitable for a paid sit on another platform .

@MarieHuggins just some friendly advice, but I would spend time browsing sits and applying for them rather than spend time keeping your calendar updated. THS really should change the calendar so that Sitters can indicate dates that they are NOT available rather than dates that they are available (this is the current state).

@PVGemini oh I do. Only just updated my calendar. Thanks though