Can not ADD a Shopping for Food entry

Good afternoon,

I am editing my Welcome Guide. When I save an entry in the Shopping for Food section it does not stay.

I did add 2 local attractions and they stayed.


The THS welcome is wonky and a pain for various folks. You can always send it via a Word doc, Google doc, etc. Few sitters will care as long as they get the info in some form they can reference. Some like it printed, but if you send it via Word, Google Drive, etc., they should be able to manage that if it’s their preference.

My current hosts emailed me a doc and had it printed when I arrived.

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It’s perfectly acceptable to use a word document instead of the Welcome Guide as long as you let sitters know. The Welcome Guide can’t be printed by sitters or copied, so I think some Homeowners might prefer it because it gives them a (false) sense of security.

I’ve never tried to print the THS welcome guide, but I routinely take screen shots of it when hosts send it to me that way. That’s so I can have reliable access to it even if the THS platform craps out, which it unfortunately does.

I mention that, because if hosts think you can’t copy it, that’s absolutely a false sense of security. Personally, I also take screen shots, so if a host changes the guide later to hide something iffy, I’ll have a record.

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I do the same. I make a copy of the listing when I apply, and the welcome guide when when I receive. I check the welcome guide before I leave for the sit just in case something has changed. I’ve had a few surprises over the years and I do whatever I can to avoid them now.


I really wish THS would stop changing features that work fine and change the Welcome Guide instead which no one likes.


Oh yesssssss! We also are having too many issues with ‘someone’ at THS continually diddling and fiddling with previously working components. I can’t get www and the App. to interface, I often enter THS several ways with different outcomes… yesterday THS, via one entry, showed 9 available House sits in France but going another way, showed more than triple that???
We are still so disappointed that we cannot contact Member Hosts to discuss dates that overlap when quite often it’s possible to work them. As for limiting applications to 5?
But, on a lovely day here, greetings fellow Sitters, from beautiful French Alps where it’s snowing! Ts