PDF of Welcome Guide for sitters...?

I see people were asking about this over a year ago, and I guess you still can’t print it easily. Maybe the software isn’t there. But having just spent half an hour tediously copying/pasting into Word to get a paper copy of a guide, I would really, really like to see this as a PDF. Or even all on one screen rather than all the “sections”.
Any chance on the horizon of a PDF guide for sitters to print before travelling?

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HOs can easily print it out as a PDF. Not sure why I am seeing so much confustion about this unless people don’t understand that concept. HOWEVER, the way it is set up in the system for editing, you have to deal with each little section and can’t see the whole thing, so it’s more than cumbersome and easy to be repetitive.s If you have the software and you edit the PDF, it won’t change the original THS system version.

If you are a sitter, you can’t print it out at all or convert it to a PDF, so if you wanted to print your own copy or even read it easily as one document the only way to do that is to request the HO send you a copy of the PDF – which I’ve done and that works unless the HO is a luddite who doesn’t know what you’re talking about when you request the PDF.

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Don’t know whether this suffices for other folks, but I just take screen shots on my iPad of the welcome guide. I do that in case tech issues come up with THS and I suddenly can’t access the guide online. To me, no need to print.

The majority of the HO’s we have sat for have abandoned the THS Welcome Guide and prepare an easily sharable & readable doc.

Its a feature that somebody spent a lot of time designing and building, but not enough time usability testing. It looks nice but is not practical to use when everybody has access to better tools.

I copy and paste the whole thing into a word document, remove excess spaces and images and set the font style and size so it’s uniform. It doesn’t take that long.


I agree, it would be nice if THS would allow HOs to upload their own PDF as the online guide.

I used the same method as Mars. I guess how long it takes depends on how many sections you have to go through and format. Maybe most HO’s don’t leave 22-page guides.

I’ve tried to print it as a PDF - a normal thing to do. However, when printed that way a lot gets cut off so it doesn’t really work.
I really wish THS would make this an easy thing to do.

It feels like the WG is an example of a feature that people put a lot of thought & time into the design & implementation, but no one tested it for usability. Difficult to create, read, and share.

A standard doc that can be converted to PDF is better solution.

I actually used the THS welcome guide as a template to create my own with pages, which I then save as a PDF file and send it to the sitters before the sit starts. The THS WG covers everything you need but to use it sucks.