Is it possible to download my welcome guide?

I have created my welcome guide and shared it with my confirmed sitter. Is it possible to download the welcome guide? I will not be able to be reached on my trip and my daughter who is local will be acting as my point person; I"d like to somehow send her an electronic copy (vs. print). Also, I did print one copy but it did not print properly - the formatting was off, words cut off, and I could not adjust margins with my printer settings. Thanks for any help. Leah

Hi @Leah1 if you access the WG on the website, click on print and change the printer to “save as PDF” then you can email a digital copy. Note, it will save in the same awful formatting that it gets printed in. It’s designed to be accessed online. What we do is copy & paste it in to a Word doc & format it to tidy up all the repeat titles and white space. It’s laborious.

Hi @Leah1 As a sitter, I always take photos of the Welcome Guide. Once my sit is over, I do delete the photos. While on the sit, it allows me to not be reliant on the internet to access it, and my phone is always with me. It also means it doesn’t need to be printed, which is a savings in many ways. This may also work for your situation.

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Thank you both! This is very helpful and I’ve have saved it as a PDF.

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