Can you search where sitters prefer to visit?

I’m new to this site and live in Norfolk looking for sitters.

Is there a way to search for sitters who prefer to visit Norfolk, England rather than looking through that section on their profiles?

Thank you.


Hi, I have had quite a few sitters for my cat, but for me it works as follows: advertise your sit and wait for sitters to apply. On the odd occasion when I have contacted sitters myself I have never been successful. After advertising your sit with the dates you want to fill, just wait and see who applies. I used to live in Cornwall and had loads of interest, now I live in Suffolk and interest is less, but I am getting enough interest , and have been able to fill all the slots I need to have filled. Good luck .

Hi Julie and welcome to the Forum.
I’m a sitter and would love to sit in Norfolk but am sitting and travelling ‘downunder’ until March 2024.
You can’t do a search to see where sitters want to sit. Most sitters like a variety of places, I certainly do.
I would say Norfolk is a very desirable place so don’t worry!