Can you spoil a dog too much?

Today is “National Spoil Your Dog Day” :dog: :heart_eyes: :dog:
But the pawfect question has to be “Can you spoil a dog too much?”

You tell us … we know what #TeamTrusted thinks


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When I had my own dogs a few years ago, I had a caravan in the north of Scotland.
In the summer I had a large awning on the side, and one year I picked up a 2nd hand leather couch - the spaniels loved it!


We love spoiling our little girl and tell our sitters they must do the same. I cook and freeze all her food so she never eats canned food. Only dry for “snacks”. She literally eats everything we do and is in perfect health (per our vet) at 12 years old. She has full run of the house, where she sleeps on the sofa when we are in the family room and ALWAYS sleeps with us at night. We tell petsitters they must allow her to sleep with them or it’s a no-go. Wouldn’t have it any other way!!! :slight_smile:


What a wonderful life she has, just as it should be … Can we have a picture of her @long1016 PLEASE? :heart_eyes:

Here is our little one enjoying her favorite pastime…chillin’ in the pontoon on the lake!