How much fun can you have with pet’s food?

The dogs I’ve spent time with, typically wolf down their food at meal time. It’s fun to find ways to allow them a longer, while enjoyable food experience. Long ago I discovered the joys of frozen lick pads and kongs, which have always been well received by most dogs. I recently took some bones from the butcher, and stuffed them with sweet potatoes, before freezing for an afternoon treat. What fun tips and tricks can you share for feeding and treats with pets?


Love these ideas if appropriate, but I would be very unhappy if any sitter tried these out on our dogs as they have specific dietary requirements and feeding routines……

Hi @Joanne I think these are great ideas as long as owner approved. I would say that most owners advise the sitter if there is a dietary issue and this would be the appropriate time to ask if ideas are okay. Communication is always the key to a successful relationship between owner and sitter.

@Debbie-Moderator @Foldor13 I can assure you these were suggested by the HO the day we spent with them, before they left. I would never attempt to introduce any foods not allowed by the owners. At other times in my life, when dogs lived with me, these fun food options worked very well to slow down eating habits.


Oh @Joanne I certainly agree this would be fun and I’m not suggesting you didn’t do that. I just want others to make sure they get approval as there was a time none of us thought of those things…same as eating nuts anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes we forget about allergies and intestinal issues as they don’t pertain to us.

As a chef, my motto is always fun with food :grin: Great suggestions @Joanne. I stuff my Kongs with a combo of peanut butter and cottage cheese to freeze.

Recently our sweet sitters left us with this, which several owners I’ve sat for have used to slow down the ‘Hoover effect’ :pig2: In our case, we use it for mental exercise to dole our her treats.


I literally ‘scatter’ feed for two of my rabbits (aka furry cannon-balls due to their size and weight…!), ie, scatter food for them across the floor for them to seek out. They are fast feeders and I hope this will slow them down. (Bunny #3 is a slow feeder so he gets fed separately just from a bowl.)

I have also used a treat ball for them but it doesnt roll on my hard floors so they lose interest when it rolls off the rug.

Their idea of fun is that hay should be a full body experience so they tip up the tidy bowls that I fill and spread it out around their area. When you see photos of a completely tidy and orderly living area for rabbits, please note that that has JUST been tidied and the owner has approx 2 mins to take a photo before chaos is re-established.