Can You Spot The 2 Lost Dogs In Less Than 58 Seconds?

As a nation of dog lovers, it’s every pet-owners worst nightmare when their pooch momentarily wanders off when out and about and opts to have their own adventure in pursuit of a squirrel, an interesting scent, or even on the hunt for something questionable to roll in!
Luckily, nine times out of ten those cheeky pups make a swift reappearance, often having been coaxed back by the promise of a scritch or a tasty dog-treat!

Hidden somewhere in the park are a couple of cheeky pups that have managed to get separated from their owners. The average time taken to locate the lost doggo’s is 58 seconds – but can you beat the clock? :dog::alarm_clock::blush:


OK, I must reallyl worry about this kind of thing because I put my timer on and found the two unleashed pets within 10 seconds.