Cancellation statistics

To @meow and all forum members. In the past year, I have unfortunately had to cancel two of my confirmed sits, booked months apart. After worrying myself sick for days trying to figure out how best to explain it to the homeowners, I contacted each and provided detailed reasons. Both sets of homeowners were understanding and supportive. I worked with them as best I could to explain how to cancel me and gave support as they looked for replacements. One chose to ask my opinion of their chosen sitter, before confirming them. The other kept me in the loop while making their decision. These homeowners were proactive and successful in a short period of time.

This year both sets of homeowners have offered me their sits before posting them (and I’ve accepted). Of course I teased them: Are you sure you want to take a chance on me? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: By the way, the homeowners were totally satisfied with the sitters who replaced me.

I am honoured and proud that they have invited me for their sits. What’s the point of my story? If every cancellation were tracked by THS, I would somewhat unfairly (I think) have had two marks against me. Some cancellations can comfortably be resolved without THS intervention, using honesty, open communication, and respect.

Edit: My apologies in that I’ve just noticed I’ve told the first part of this story earlier in this post. I doubt I’m the only one who repeats themselves. I just do it more often in person. :roll_eyes:


Great story, thanks for sharing Francine. :grinning:

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I don’t disagree with you and don’t recall saying that TH should intervene every time there is a cancellation. Of course sometimes HOs and sitters have to cancel for completely understandable reasons.

I no longer remember in which thread this was discussed in the past, but keeping track of cancellations was something that was suggested to try to reign in serial cancellers. From what I recall, having two cancelled sits on your account in a one-year period would have put you far below the proposed threshold for flagging you as a repeat offender.

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@meow I had personal experience with a HO canceling me. The the entire discussion was done throught the THS platform email and cleary documented who said what to whom.

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We had same situation except HO phoned us to cancel. I asked her to put it in writing on the THS site so I had proof and could make an insurance claim if needed and she very willingly did that for me. I also took screenshots of our conversations both on THS and on WhatsApp to back up my claim.

My claim has been submitted and I have no doubt that we will be compensated for the two nights we had to pay for accommodation. (We were able to find a replacement sit for the rest of the days.)