Can't save Pet Sitter search on website

Hi, I’ve just joined. Is there a way to save a Pet Sitter search on the website? I don’t see any button for it. Every time I navigate away from the page I lose all my settings - location, dates, etc. Very frustrating!

I’m running on a Chromebook.

I will put some screenshots of what I see what I save searches. Maybe that will help?

First, I click on Find a Housesit and put in the area and dates or whatever.

Then I click on Save This Search on the far right.

A window pops up and I give my search a name.

When I want to see my saved searches, I click on VIEW ALL

And I see a list of searches I’ve saved. Click on View Sits for each one.

Thanks but I’m using Pet Sitter and there’s no Save Search button or map.

@hikerbiker I just checked, I’m also using a chrome book. No save search button when searching for a pet sitter.
It’s a shame because it does make things more difficult.

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Hello, Maybe with a click on the heart, as a petsitter does to save petsit. It is just a guess.

Hi @hikerbiker I will tag @Lucy-MembershipServices who will connect with you when she is next online.

Ah, sorry, I misunderstood.

When I have trouble like this on a website, I use a different browser. It’s handy to have an alternate installed on your computer so the rare time when a site doesn’t display properly.

Hi @hikerbiker and all and a very happy Friday to you.

Just to clarify that the Saved Search feature is applicable to the ‘Find a house sit’ page only. We don’t have an option to save searches for finding sitters, however what you can do is add individual sitters to your Favourites listing by clicking on the heart icon. That way you can conveniently find all your ‘favourited’ sitters in one place.

I hope that helps.