Search feature Q

Is there a way to “bundle” states when doing a saved search, or do a search “within 50 miles of X”?

For example, for my situation right now, I am seeking to stay within 2-3 hours of South Jersey, so I have saved searches for NJ, PA, DE. But everytime I get a new sit, I have to delete all of them (for various dates) and create new searches for each state, for each set of available dates.

It would be a great feature to be able to have a saved search where you can include various states, ex: Nov 18-Dec 14; NJ/PA/DE; cats, dogs.

Or: Nov 18-Dec 14; within 50 miles of Haddonfield, NJ; cats, dogs.

If that’s not a thing yet, is there a feature request place?

There is this thread where you can make suggestions but I am not sure if any of the suggestions on it have been implemented?? I hope that some have !

You can specify a rectangle on the map.

Use the map to search. I always zero in on an area in the map where I want to search, then put in the various parameters for dates, duration, and pets, and then save the search. I normally do searches for the whole northeastern US, New England, a specific region of the Carolinas where I have family I want to visit, etc. It’s also a good way to explore other regions just to see how many sits there are in those places.

Didn’t know that. Probably won’t use it as not a UK or USA sitter but like that random fact @pietkuip :raised_hands:t3:

But it is excellent for that. This is one of my saved searches:


Aha. Yes I use it like that. It was the triangle reference that threw me :joy: