Regional Searches

Is there an ability to search the USA in regions, for example looking for sitters in the Pacific North West or the Southwest, or do you have to do it state by state? It would be nice it we could search regionally, I haven’t figured it out yet, if anyone has advice, please share. New here.

I wish, but no. You’ll have to set up a saved search with the states you want.


You can look for areas on the map. So that will always be a square area, but you could then call your saved search “Pacific Northwest”.

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@pietkuip that would be great. Can you share how to do this? I’ve tried from the website and app but whenever map view is used, the options to save the search disappear.

This is what it looks like for me on the web interface.
“Save this search” is active.

(But I cannot save it from the web interface because I already have three saved searches. On the app, that limit is ten, but I am more clumsy with the app.)

Thanks for that @pietkuip, I was able to save a map view in saved searches on the website. It shows up on my app saved searches but I think since it was created on the website I’ll only get email notifications rather that app notifications but that’s better than not at all.

Thank you, I actually didn’t know this was an option, but I’m going to try it. :heart:

I’m using my computer and I can’t actually get the map to show up, it just defaults to profiles from where you’re searching, how do you get the map to come up?

Welcome @Myka! I think you are a home owner looking for sitters, and @pietkuip was referring to sitters looking for housesits. I don’t believe you can look for sitters by region, unfortunately.

Yes, that is right, this only generates email notifications of new listings.

But when I see a listing there that would be interesting some time in the future (for example something nice in Berlin or in Vienna), I can mark it as a favourite so that I would get a notification from the app next time it would have new dates.

@pietkuip Thanks for the cool search tip :smiley_cat:

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