Looking at all listings


How do you look at all listings in an area, not just the available ones?

I would like to be able to see all listings whether they are currently looking, not looking, or ‘interviewing’ so that I may be able to add them to favorites.

Thanks much for the help.

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Hi @Darkwing; on the Website, the search results will have “currently not looking for a sitter” listings after all the live ones. Go through to the last page(s).
I hardly use the App though so I can’t advise about that.

Yep, that’s what I thought. But no longer there on any of my searches. I tried on the app and on the website.

At the top of the listing it now says ’ 151 sits in British Columbia, Canada accepting applications’ so all I see is the current ones. If I log out and browse the site as someone looking to join THS, I can see everything, but as soon as I log in, they all disappear.

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@Darkwing that’s interesting as I just logged in using my personal account for BC and it came up with 151 sits. Not sure why your’s doesn’t.


I checked again & it’s definitely working normally for me. I searched a few UK locations & then did British Colombia. There were too many to scroll through so I selected sits with fish (there is one!) and also one not looking for sitters.
You haven’t got any filters selected have you?

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Thank you for checking back. One of the moderators reached out with tech support. With a combination of closing browsers and clearing cache and cookies numerous times, we managed to get the search results to reset and provide all the results. Can now add favorites.


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I just ran into this issue—trying to see sits “not currently accepting applications.”

Adding what worked (and not) for me:

  • app
    • nothing worked
  • website
    • did not work
      • viewing a saved search (even with no filters)
      • view a saved search, then type in a new search location
    • worked
      • click on “Find a house sit” (which zooms the map out fully), then type in a new search location

It seems the ability to find such sits/HOs is impossible via the app? And wonky on the website. Tagging @Ben-ProductManager just FYI.

Hi @geoff.hom we have not added the functionality for ‘not currently accepting applications’ to the App yet. Will be released soon.

A saved search is about returning new listings and so won’t show ‘not accepting applications’ unless they are now filled by the time you look at your notification or saved search email.

Thanks, Ben

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