House/Pet sit 25th July - 8th August Alberta, Canada

Hey everyone,

I’m a new member and still figuring out how all of this works. Any tips for new sitters?

There was one sit that matched my travel dates perfectly. I found it before I became a member however when I went back to find the pet sit, all signed up, it didn’t come up. I then tried logging out and searching for it via google. I found it again and desperately want to find a way to contact them to apply for the sit. Does anyone know why this is the case? Does the app hide certain sits?

Hi there,
It is highly probable that the owner is reviewing applications or has already found a sitter, so the listing is now hidden. THS has a ‘5 and freeze’ system - when 5 people have applied to a listing, no more people can apply and the listing becomes hidden to all other sitters. This is to stop too many people applying for a sit, which can quickly become overwhelming for an owner. So, to get a sit, you have to be one of those 5 applicants, and in reality, usually one the first 3 to actually have a chance of getting the sit, as most owners choose between the first 1 - 3 applications. You got to move fast and check how many people have already applied.
Hope that helps!

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Thank you that’s really helpful. Next time I’ll be swift!

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