Caring For Senior Pets

Meant to also say that the owners were working away and I did not want to bother them. I will seek out an online vet referral for other pets that are not part of THS so this should help in a dire emergency. Even if you tried to do something, it would just be my word against theirs so ilI think it is not worth trying as I will eventually have my own pet so it will be a useful “testing of the waters”!

Ketch, THS offer free vet “advice”. If I wanted vet
care, then obviously a different course of action
Would be required. I was being pro-active in
Identifying a rash and so was able to monitor it and how the dog was coping. Why would anyone want to alarm an owner who was away on a work
Assigment when it was a minor skin rash and the the dogs was not showing signs of distress? It there was an escaltion of the problem, that would be a different story.


Why did the owners nor RUSH home? They should have been there, this shouldn’t have fallen on you after your initial emergency vet visit.

I was once petsitting for a sweet elderly dog who had a stroke around 2 am. I got her to the emergency vet, they cared for her, she became stabilized. I waited until a decent hour like 7 am to call the homeowners and let them know. They were on a vacation trip about 8 hours drive away. I expected them to jump in their car and head back. They did not. They continued on with their vacation as planned and left me to care for their girl for several more days. I to
This day cannot believe that. I would be heading home so fast!

I don’t know. But was nice , after they arrived, he passed on her arms.

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It sure was! Gave the poor kitty some love in his final months which will always be appreciated x