Feeling sad for an 18 year old cat that seems to have very little time left

I’ve been taking care of this 18 year old cat for a month, and I have about 3 weeks left at this house. I’ve built a strong bond with him and I’m feeling very sad that his bathroom situation is getting very messy and I need to clean the house and him almost everyday.

Some people told me it seems like he only has very little time left, and I’m feeling very sad. He has arthritis and I just try to pet/cuddle with him as much as I can.

Any other suggestions how I can make him feel more comfortable on his last days?

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Those are not easy moments. As cat owners we’ve been through this last summer with our 20 and a half year old cat. He also had pain in his joints and had problems with his kidneys.

The best you can do is to keep him comfortable and make sure he’s not in too much pain. As long as he still eats, does his business (even if a bit messy sometimes) and grooms himself a bit then he should still be ok. If he hides a lot and wants to be left alone or if he purrs constantly even when you’re not cuddling him then there’s maybe cause for concern and you should consult a veterinarian. Our cat was constantly purring with his mouth open and the vet explained that the purring is also a way for cats to deal with the stress of pain. Also, if he has aching joints you should also avoid picking him up as that puts pressure on his joints. If he’s sleeping also avoid waking him up just to pet him; good sleep is important to fill up on energy. As a general rule, cats sleep a lot; old cats sleep even more. :slightly_smiling_face:

It sounds to me that he has a caring person with him and I’m sure he appreciates your love and concern. :heart:


It’s à hard situation no sitter would have to face. I had to look after 2 cats in summer 2020 in Kent and the oldest one, who was 21 ( i did not know cats could live that long…) was really ill, not drinking (it was hot), sleeping near the Aga (warm) not eating either.

I called the HO who had warned me she was at the end if her life, neverthe less they had prefered to go to their second home abroad. Before us they had another sitter at home.

Unfortunately that cat died 2 days after our arrival. The owners did not want her to be “helped” by a vet. A friend of them had come to check the situation. The gardener burried her near all former pets 's graves.
I must confess i could not do the job…

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Hi @Chloe thank you for being so very kind and caring, you are making such a difference in his life right when he really needs it, the situation must be a very difficult for you, I know I have been where you are.

If you haven’t already done so, you need to discuss his deterioration with the owners, making them aware of your concerns, you also have access to the Vet Line through the owner’s membership, they will be able to offer their professional advice.

I’m passing you over to @Therese-MembershipService in the Membership Services Team for guidance and support who will be in touch with she is back online.

Meanwhile know that you are not alone as while we cannot offer professional advice you can Direct Message me at any time, should you need extra support.

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