Caring For Senior Pets

October Is Pet Wellness Month and whether you have a senior pet in your family or you’re a sitter who cares for senior pets, having little ways to help them live their best senior years is so important … In this article from our website blog, our Content Manager Danielle shares 7 top tips to help us do just that.

Caring for a senior pet is an important step in every pet owner’s journey, and as our pets grow and change with age, so do their needs. So, this Pet Wellness Month, we wanted to share some of the ways you can help your senior pet stay happy and healthy — and how to help make their twilight years their best yet.

What’s your top tip for making them feel their best and do you have a senior pet story to share?


I love looking after senior animals!! I find them really sweet!!

I do too. I have a real soft spot for senior large dogs.


We’ve looked after some super sweet elderly kitties. One was deaf, one was both blind and deaf. And then there was our friends’ dog who we looked after for many years who also became deaf in her old age and was an absolute sweetheart.

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