Caring for small ruminants; goats and sheep

I am considering signing up but need to find someone with experience caring for small ruminants, sheep and goats. They are pets, but are working pets! They need to be locked up at night after having been given an evening snack. I take them out to one or another pasture on my property in the morning, make sure they have water, and check on them once or twice during the day. Goats can be a bit pushy and sheep are shy and will be reluctant to engage with a new person.

I would not feel safe leaving town without someone here who has some experience in this area. I was unable to narrow my search of potential sitters by choosing "LIVESTOCK’ in the search pets area and looking at sitters. All of them were dog or cat sitters. Please advise!


Just make that very clear in your posting, maybe even in the first line, and then hope that only experienced people will apply.

When you “interview” people for the posting, ask them specifically about their experience in small livestock.

Most of us who have experience, include that info in our profile as well.


We have been HO members for several years and have had 5 very competent sitters for our animals, which comprise sheep, pigs, ducks, chickens & a dog. All the sits were pre-covid and we did not have many suitable applicants. We had to spend time searching for potential sitters and inviting them. We did find someone each time and a couple of them have done repeat sits. Sitters with livestock experience are out there so if you want to be able to get away I would advise that you join.


Hello Margaret,

Thank you for you very very helpful post!
I am new to having livestock (16 months) so I am very protective of them and want to make sure I can leave town and feel comfortable.

I will do as you suggest and join and start looking at profiles!



There will definitely be sitters experienced with livestock and farms, perhaps add it into the title of the listing so people with relevant experience will be drawn to it.

I don’t have experience of looking after sheep & goats but would love the opportunity one day!


Where are you located, @Joanicole? We farmed for a decade (Nubians, too!) and are always keen to hang out with small ruminants :grinning:


Hi @Joanicole a very warm welcome to our community forum and I hope to TrustedHousesitters, along with your wonderful family herd …

You’ve had some great advice and responses from members including how to create a listing to include your all of your animal’s needs, together with your expectations, when these are plainly outlined you will get the right applicants.

We are an ALL pet community and there will be sitters who have the experience your pets need, who will so enjoy being their carer.

Welcome again, I hope we see much more of you and your family and will look forward to sharing in your THS journey.

Angela and the Team

Hey there meyna bird!

I am in Ashland Oregon, 12 miles from the California border, in the rogue Valley.

My concern is that I need to take a short trip later this month to San Diego. If I’m only gone for a week, Will I be able to get someone with that kind of experience?

Thank you!


I’m absolutely sure that you will find someone wonderful - sadly, it won’t be us :sleepy: . We’re in the UK…

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