Cars for sitters

@Snowbird I was going to mention the same thing… electric cars are changing things in UK and Europe. We’ve got an all electric car and now I have my first owned automatic ever! In the UK when I was young we always used to say it was the “older” people who had automatics (or the city dwellers where it was more comfortable in traffic) - I guess I’m in that category now!! :rofl: In fact the electric car does so much automatically including handbrake, lights etc. that when I drive our van I totally forget what to do :joy: I’ve got a sticker saying handbrake on the window!!!


Manual shift cars are or were the norm in the UK. In fact there are two driving tests. If you pass a manual shift driving test you can drive either type of car but if you pass in an automatic car you can’t drive a manual shift. So I think anyone who learnt to drive in the UK is good to go.
The other point is the drivers capability. This is very pertinent to my situation at the moment. I have driven for 40 plus years. Never let me drive a red car, I’ve written off the two I owned but apart from that good, clean driving record. We are in North America at the moment and made the decision to buy a car. Very long story on how to do it and I think that can wait for another time. My husband (smart bs***t) has no problems. I can’t get the hang of driving on the right hand side of the road. My road position is terrible. Therefore I’m a danger to both pedestrians and other drivers. I know, practise makes perfect but I am so angry with myself. Such a simple thing! So, yes, I would worry about their driving record and experience but also go out with them a couple of times to see their driving ability for yourself.
As for who pays what, a water tight legal document would probably be needed to make that legally binding or you could “trust in God” but……

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Yes, cars come automatic and you have to pay more for standard now. Opposite in the UK.