Cat allergy advice and how to remove rodents

Good morning,
My name is Zickot and we love cats in our family. We own three of these magnificent felines. I joined the forum because I have concerns about the cohabitation of someone in the family allergic to cats and our felines. Because there was my little cousin who moved in with us recently, and who turned out to be allergic to cats (cat hairs). So we had to move our cats temporarily to other homes. And since then there have been rats or mice that have entered our house. With rats or mice that prove to be a little too pest causing significant damage, there are concerns about the possible implications in terms of the spread of disease in our environment. It was thought that dirt and mess attracted them. But despite our efforts to maintain cleanliness, the proliferation of these rodents persists. The use of rat traps has proven disappointing, with no catch and bait that mysteriously disappears.
I always try to apply solutions that are least harmful to the environment. And a friend advised me to use it as bait for rats. I would like to gather the experience of people who have encountered a similar problem, especially regarding the use of these particular baits. I wonder about their effectiveness and would like to know if they pose a risk to other animals in the area and to the environment. Or how can we treat our little cousin’s cat allergy so that cohabitation is perfect?

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Trapping mice or rats is treating the symptom. I’d suggest figuring out how to close or patch the points of entry.

You can always clean, but if there’s a nice place for rats to seek out and live, they often will, even if you’re clean. That’s why you want to keep them from entering.

@Zickot the title of your post is about cat allergy advice but the main questions seem to be about how to get rid of rodents . Maybe change the title or ask a forum admin to change it ? @Jenny or @Carla

Allergy meds might work to help the person with the allergy. I have also heard that Purina Liveclear food is amazing at reducing allergens in cats. if you can get that in your country, please try it.

Normal allergy meds don’t work on me, so I use a steriod based one prescribed by my doctor and it is great. But I am not sure if these are available for kids, you’d need to check with your doc.

I dealt with my allergies by getting allergy shots three times a week for five years (I’m allergic to everything). Probably not the solution you are looking for. :laughing: