Cat sitter has gone silent

Hi all

we are due to go on holiday tomorrow and the TSH who was meant to come and stay is being really flakey and we haven’t heard from her in over 24h. Has this ever happened to anyone? Obviously this is causing us a lot of stress

Hi @asq I’m going to pass this over to the Membership Services Team who will be in touch to assist with this.

Welcome to our community forum and I’m sorry your first visit is because of an issue you are having, this really isn’t the normal process to expect or experience.

I will Direct Message you also.

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@asq good luck with that…yes stressful…it can happen the other way around also…not usual I am sure…lots of reliable sitters out there…hopefully this one also…`enjoy your holiday

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Hi all, thankfully this has been resolved. I was able to find a last minute sitter who has already been so communicative and put me at full ease. Thanks for all the support


That’s great!! Just wondered where your location is!? If it was Dorset I could have helped!! :smiley_cat:

Is there a chance you may get two sitters turn up now?

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London, so thankfully quite a few local sitters @Fluffball

@Colin no, I communicated the cancellation clearly to the first sitter and my reasons why. She had dropped out of coming round to see the house beforehand which was the first of many red flags


How worrying that this was done at such short notice. Glad you’ve found someone else quite quickly. I think you’ve dodged a bullet there.

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I have been trying to get in touch with our confirmed catsitter (for next week) but cannot access her profile - it says currently unavailable. Can THS help?

I am unable to contact a ‘person’ at THS, only bots or stock answers by email. Am in a quandary. please help

Hi Angela, i have tried emailing you too!

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Hi @andreamh welcome to our community forum and I’m sorry you are having issues connecting with your sitter, I am going to Direct Message you now to get more details

Hi @andreamh please check your Direct Message as I have made contact with your sitter.

Many many thanks


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