Our sitter has gone silent on us!

I have tried to reach out to our sitter that we have for thanksgiving week… after numerous attempts via site chat, email and sitters personal cell number we have received no response. we leave Tuesday and I cancelled today. Hopefully we can find someone to replace her. My question is… do we have anyway to rate this person and let others know to avoid them as they have proven to be untrustworthy? Sadly, this makes me not trust the site as well if there is no way for this to be made public. For all we know she may have done this before… super frustrated!!


This is such a bummer!

It’s hard to know what has happened when someone ‘ghosts’ you, so try not to jump to judgements. Things happen and this might be a personal emergency.

You’ve done the right thing in cancelling, and I hope you find another sitter, or decide on another solution.

In the meantime you could contact customer service and share the facts of the situation, and THS might be able to follow up with the sitter to find out what happened and take it from there. Most importantly, try to be kind. We never know what others might be going through.

Good luck,

Did you try a voice call?

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You cannot leave a review for a cancelled sit or the sitter.
Essentially the sit never took place so there’s nothing to review.

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This posting was redundant. I posted it before seeing it was already covered in a new topic. Discourse wouldn’t let me delete it, so I tried to erase it without success as it would not let me post a blank message. So IGNORE THIS POST!

Across haw many days did you try to reach out? E.g. sometimes pet owners panic after not reaching an upcoming sitter for 24hours, but it’s always possible that someone is ‘offline’ for a full day for valid reasons

@ameliace I have often wondered what would happen if I was taken ill (or worse) in the run up to a sit. Maybe THS should hold an emergency contact phone number for each of us so that a HO could contact THS in an event such as you describe. It could work for sitters too who haven’t had recent contact from the HO. Then THS could make contact using the emergency number to check on the situation.

There is an emergency contact field on your profile @ELNF that you can complete :+1:t3:

@Cuttlefish thanks, so there is. It’s so long since I completed my profile I had actually forgotten about it. I’ve updated as the contact I had often now sits with me.

totally agree that they should have an emergency contact. I tried for over a week to get in touch with my sitter and TH tried for numerous days as well. frustrating to say the least!

I guess an emergency contact works when there is an emergency… I think I was simply ghosted. oh well!

It happens unfortunately! We had an HO do the same @ameliace #nowtsoqueerasfolk as they say!

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