Celebrating The Heart of TrustedHousesitters

April is National Pet Month and April 11th is National Pet Day well every day is Pet Day at TrustedHousesitters, pets are at the very heart of who we are, why we exist and why we do what we do … connect with like minded animal lovers.

Without animals our community would not exist, that’s why we are such a special community … animals and our united love for them have brought us together

We would love you to share a pet memory with us …

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2 sister on holiday in Gumbet Turkey.
Found a kitten that lost a leg in a storm.
The mother rejected the kitten and it was left on its own to fend
For itself.
The sister found latex gloves and used them to fed the kitten.
The 2 sisters even went to the doctors to ask about its leg.
For 2 weeks they looked after it on their holiday
Staff made a promise to feed it when they went home.
To this day its still there at the hotel spoiled rotten.
They named it STORM


That’s a lovely story @Windtalker thank you for sharing :heart_eyes_cat: :shamrock: