Choosing between two sitters

Hi! I am interested in two sitters and having a tough time making my decision. Any advice?

Go with your gut. Or, if you have additional responsibilities that are not in your profile, maybe have those be the deal breaker? For example, does your cat sleep under the covers? or is your 90 lb. dog a lap dog. In any case, congratulations for getting two worthy sitters to apply!

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@Nancymal, maybe if you tell us a bit about why you’re having a hard time choosing? Does one seem more mature but the other more interested in spending time with your animals, for instance?

Thank you so much for your reply
They both seem great. Very into watching my pet. One couple (22years old). is traveling cross county (took time off of work to do so). They have a sit in Florida before mine. Very bubbling and full of energy.

The second one lives about 30 minutes from me. Knows the area. New to the site but has sat before for Friends and family

I had great conversations with both.
I admire the first couple for traveling this way. The second woman (29) is also so very outgoing and answered all questions

The struggles of choosing :grinning:

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If it’s a longer sit, I’d go with the younger couple. I really like to support people this way, as it’s something I’d have benefitted from at that stage in life. If it’s shorter, I’d connect with the local person, on the chance that could be an ongoing relationship.


Thank you. It’s a long weekend getaway.

Funny, I’d have the opposite thinking. I’d prefer an older person for a longer sit, in case there was a home maintenance problem that arose. Here, the difference between 22 and 29 might not matter, but if it was a 22 year old vs a 40+ year old, I’d take the older person as more likely to have dealt with home repairs.

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@Nancymal If we are one of the applicants, always pick us. :grin:
Seriously, the best advice I can recommend is going with your gut. If it’s still a tossup, consider as other have said, helping out travelers or picking the person close to you as they may become a regular repeat sitter, especially if you will need shorter sits like a long weekend.
Good luck with your choice!
Dan and Nan


Thank you. I was so impressed with these girls travel arrangements. Driving cross country to enjoy life but they are young and I am thinking a lot about that.

You so much for your reply

Thank you
So much for your reply. I am thinking along the same line as you regarding age.

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Thank you. I agree with you about the shorter sit.

Totally agree with going with the local sitter for such a short Sit as they might become a repeat Sitter for you! I also favor the older Sitter due to her age. 22 years old and not working? Hmmm?? The new 29 yo Sitter will also be wanting the all important 5 star first review, so hopefully she will do a fantastic job for you!


@Nancymal choosing a sitter is rarely a situation with a right or wrong answer .
You’ve potentially found two great sitters - so chances are whoever you pick will do a good sit for you.
A friendly word of advice though, if you take too long to decide , you might loose both of them if they get snapped up by other hosts.


That’s exactly what I was thinking. As much as I think traveling at 22 I feel
They may be a little inexperienced right now

Thank you!!

Thank you. I agree. I just reached out to comfirm

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I haven’t had too many sitters, but from just a few, I’ve had a better experience with older sitters :slight_smile:
I’ve also spoken to young sitters that seem very responsible, and I’ve been as torn as you. I’ve learned that following your gut is usually the best!

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What about going with the sitter or sitters who applied first?

Trying to reinforce the five-app scramble? :upside_down_face::smile: