Need sitter

So far I have not received any applicants which is odd. I posted dates about 4-5 days ago. Help!

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Hello @Freyafae999 - looks like a lovely sit but am initially very confused as says please walk my dog. No dog in the listing. Photos of a cat instead. Which is it as that could be a key blocker for you to quickly resolve on the description, the pics and the filters and attract some applicants :raised_hands:t3:


Hi @Freyafae999 your sit looks lovely but yes as above your responsibilities mentions about walking a dog? Sorry if it was a recent passing :pensive:

Maybe just add a little more detail to your advert and tweak the details so it’s perfect. Is your cat really 30 years old?

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I do hope I am wrong but is it that Eli your lovely dog may not be with you anymore? He was not mentioned in your last sitter’s review, only the parrots, but was mentioned on the review prior to that. Maybe you haven’t updated your ad under “responsibilities” to read what the current situation is and whether it is actually just the two parrots and the cat?

Also, you say your home is underneath your father’s house so that may put a few people off, though it wouldn’t be a problem for me and it’s good that you mentioned it up front.

Reading between the lines, I think you need to update your page…i.e. under “responsibilities”, removing the information about, or clarifying about, Eli. Also, your photos show that the two parrots and cat are all 30 yrs old, maybe clarify that? If they are all 30, they are doing very well! Lol Do you have anything else you can add to the “amenities” section? All you say is basic wifi, can you add a few more amenities that you actually have that may sound like it’s very homely? I for one need to update my own profile, we sometimes forget to do this.

You have lovely previous reviews so updating your page might be the answer, I would do your sit if I were in the States! :wink: Best of luck going forward.

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Hi @Freyafae999 ,

I agree with the others. The cat/dog thing is very confusing.

You say that the ceiling height is “a bit low” I think you need to be more specific on that as my idea of low will be very different to the next person.

Change your main photo as it isn’t very inspiring, I’d go for the Parrot in the cage as that will be something a bit different for most sitters so will catch their eye.

Shorten your title as the length is longer than permitted and cannot be read in full.
I don’t even know what ‘a beach efficiency apartment’ means!

“Quirky Beach Apartment” is short and snappy, I’d go with that

Good Luck

I’d agree with the others about the ad being very confusing with the dog scenario, I’d change that first and see if it made a difference.

If that doesn’t work, I’d remove the picture of the parrots out of the cage to open up your audience, as some pet sitters may not be as comfortable letting them out unless they see how well behaved they are firstly, we’ve owned a parrot before, but other peoples parrots are a very different thing until you see them in action, like via a video chat.

Don’t know why there’s a question mark icon next to basic wifi in your listing, but that could screen out many sitters. Is basic wifi even able to carry Netflix, for instance? Many folks consider that a requirement nowadays. And as a telecommuter who sits, I’d automatically rule out anywhere with basic wifi.

Is your cat really 30 years old? :flushed:

I think the question mark icon is a THS programming error. I’ve seen it in multiple listings.

My dog died 6 months ago and I thought I edited it out but I need to go back in. Just two parrots. Thank you

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I had problems going in and editing everything and I didn’t realize it said that so thank you. My dog passed in March so it’s just the parrots and cat is not full responsibility because my dad feeds too.
Will work on it, thank you,

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@Freyafae999 so sorry for the loss of your dog. Glad we could hopefully help you fix your listing now though, with a few adjustments. Just checked your listing out again and to me it looks just fine now. Maybe just make one of the parrots your first main photo which is the first thing people see when looking. I wish you good luck in finding a suitable sitter, I’m sure you will x


@Maggie8K I’ve sent a request to the product team to remove the ? from the basic wifi icon.


My car is very old lol. My brother is convinced he’s 30 and he could be right but I’m thinking more about 26+. Not completely sure but yup he’s ancient and still going strong! Has t been to vet in over 12 years! No vaccines since then either. He walks the earth and hunted until about 2 years ago. He’s also fearless and I believe he could run a bear off lol. We don’t have bears around here tho haha

I didn’t even realize that was the main photo coming up but I will have to move all the photos around I think to get another one to be first. I’m technically challenged lol

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He’s very old! My brother thinks he’s 30 but I think he’s probably a couple years younger…anywhere 26+😻

That’s amazing. I didn’t know they lived that long, I thought 20 was good going.

Normally cats don’t live that long. He is a rare bird lol. Loves to talk too and purrs literally all the time :heart_eyes_cat:

Generally, yes, 20 is good innings for a cat. Our Moe made it that long and I had family cats who lived to 16-19.

My parents knew people with a 30-year-old cat. On more than one occasion, they thought it was dead, and even took it in to the vet once to confirm, but no, it perked up.

Edit–until, one day, it didn’t.


Hi all. The team is following up on the ? in the basic wifi icon, but they can’t see any examples of it. If you see it again, please DM me the link and whether you saw it on the website or in the app. Thanks!