Help with my listing please

I posted the need for a sitter over a month ago for a sit in August 2022. I would like a review of my post and see if there are suggestions to get a sitter, PLEASE.
Thank you

@LBB , I can’t suggest any improvements. You have the important photos (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, pets), you include info about your area, you offer use of a car … I think you’re experiencing the general sitter shortage. The only thing I could suggest-- and it may not work, is that you might consider offering to have someone come in to feed your pups their afternoon meal and let them out occasionally, so the sitters could sometimes be gone for more than three hours.

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Hello @LBB I agree with @mars’s comments. The only minor thing I can add is to suggest you add Shera’s weight in at the start of the responsibilities section, given she has to be carried outside multiple times a day.

It is two months until your sit. Although no doubt you’d love to get it all organized, some sitters are doing shorter-range planning than in the past. If you have a standard membership, keep in mind you can also boost your listing.

Have you considered inviting sitters? If you focus on those with only references, or with just a few reviews, they are more likely to make themselves available to be able to have an additional review. Please check their calendars first for any black lines through your dates, as that means they’re booked for a THS sit. Other than that, I’d disregard the calendar as not all sitters use it.

Great idea to add Shera’s weight I will do that. Thank you. I have no idea who I would invite, people who live near or far? I had hopes for someone who is looking to relax, decompress and enjoy the beautiful nature around us. I do appreciate your review and input! Thanks again!

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Thank you I will look into this.

Per your suggestion I have recached out to several sitters, one couple responded and the others have not. I have learned through reading the forum that white does not indicate available. I will keep trying, I sure do not want to miss 2 weeks in paradise. Thank you for your input!

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Hi @LBB. You are correct about the colour coding, but as I said earlier, not all sitters use the calendar. For that reason, I would ignore the colours and only check for a black diagonal line through your dates as that confirms they are unavailable (booked for THS).

I suggest adding “Car included” as the first words in your headline. That makes your sit more appealing and will get attention. Since only the first few words show on a thumbnail, make them count. Maybe “car incl, tiny dogs near Olympia”.