Christmas Sit Poll - Tell us your holiday season plans

Caribbean for 5 weeks : )


Our family of 4 recently secured our Christmas sit in Switzerland and I can’t wait. We plan to teach the kids how to ski this year. :slight_smile:


Wonderful news @NatashaLV … and how good to be able to ski as well. I always LOVE watching the little kids snaking down the mountains after the instructors :star_struck: Have fun and do share some ski pix here in the forum when you have them!!

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We’re not going away this Christmas, but enjoying having friends to visit who don’t feel able to travel abroad. Hope to travel again in February, so wil be looking for sitters in Hastings then.


I’ve been away from the forum for a bit but popping my head back in as I am heading out to my first sit in ages in December. Six weeks with an adorable parrot in sunny Tenerife, can’t wait! So excited to get back in the air. See ya later, Canadian winter :sunglasses:


Sounds amazing @Lindsay welcome back and enjoy your parrot and Tenerife, in 6 weeks I wonder who will have learned more words?

Still hanging out in New Zealand and have a one month house sit in Wellington coming up in mid December.


I don’t get the weather up in Welly but love the trails round the region :+1:.

Are you venturing any further south? We may be able to cross paths should you be heading from Cch to Dunedin or Invercargill

Hi @CDunn welcome to our community forum and congratulations on your Christmas sit in the Netherlands with two Siamese that will be a wonderful way to spend the holidays …thank you for sharing your thrilling good news … safe travels and we look forward to seeing some pictures of your stay there.

Enjoy connecting with our members and exploring the forum.

Angela and the Team

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Unfortunately, wont be heading south. We have another one month sit in Welly after the Christmas sit then off to Tauranga for another one month sit that will take us into March. Headed to Brisbane after that, pending COVID and open borders.
If you are in the North Island at all during that time give me a shout. It would be nice to connect.