Feedback on my christmas sit listing

Hi. Im still quite new to THS, and although ive had 2 lovely sitters sit for me already this year, im struggling to generate interest in my Christmas sit. Id love some feedback on how i could improve my listing if anyone is able to please :blush:


Hi @Mandy194. Welcome to the forum. I’m glad you found us and have jumped into the conversations.

I’m sorry you’re having difficulties finding a sitter for the holidays. That can be a difficult time to secure a sitter. But fear not, as there’s still time to find that perfect someone.

Alpacas?! I’d love to sit for alpacas. Unfortunately I’m not available to help you this year. Your TrustedHousesitters page looks great, but here are a few things you might want to think about tweaking to make it even more enticing to sitters:

  • You might want to add pictures of the kitchen and the bathroom. That would make it easier for sitters to picture themselves comfortably living in your home.
  • The picture of Ginger tucked under the blanket with the stuffed rabbit is so cute! You might want to make that your first picture, as it will pull sitters in.
  • You mention that the double bedroom was due for a complete redecoration in early 2022. Did that happen? If so, does the picture of that room need to be updated, and that sentence updated to reflect that the room was recently redecorated?

I hope these suggestions help you find your perfect sitter.


Hi @Mandy194, your dogs are super cute, you live in a great area and the chance to sit for alpacas might well be high on some sitters bucket lists. I actually love your first photo of the alpacas, it drew me in!

As @Karen-Moderator said, many sitter like to see all the living area, and kitchen and bathroom photos will be important to many sitters - especially at Christmas if they intend to cook a Christmas dinner.

The only other thing I can think of is to maybe add some information as to how long a sitter would be able to leave the dogs at home for? Maybe a little more information on super cute little Violet too as I see she is under 1 year old. If she is a young puppy, what additional care will she need? Smaller more frequent meals? More trips to the garden?

It does look a lovely sit. I wouldn’t apply at Christmas as we are already booked up and there are 4 of us. However if you needed a sitter some other time and my husband had to stay home and work…


Your listing is wonderful! Very inviting with gorgeous pics of animals and home!
As suggested perhaps a pic of bathroom as that seems to be a biggie with some but your home reflects a lovely clean and loving space.

I think you will find the right person for them soon.

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Thank you for the lovely comments. Good to hear that you like the pics, and my home comes across well. :blush:

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Thanks @Debbie , thats great advice. I will certainly add more info about Violet as i know it may feel like more of a commitment as she’s a puppy. I appreciate your thoughts and comments. Who knows, you may end up sitting here in the future! :blush:

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Thank you so much for the advice @Karen-Moderator . I will definitely make a few tweaks. Ive had a really good experience with THS so far, so sure i’ll find another great sitter soon :blush: