Christmas sits - how to make it special for sitters

Just the American over here in the corner googling “hamper”. When I was growing up in the US, the only hamper I’d heard of was the covered bin for dirty clothes. Seemed like an odd gift for travelers. :crazy_face:

Now that I’m informed, it sounds like a lovely gift and very thoughtful of you to think of the sitters.
We had a lovely lady put up a tree for us last Christmas on Mallorca and the wonderful friends we are doing a repeat sit this Christmas on Crete will be decorating for us, too!
Dan and Nan


I think I learned what a hamper was from Harry & David catalogues or such, for holiday gifts.

How lovely. I’d be delighted with the hamper, but as I don’t really do Christmas, I wouldn’t want you to go to the trouble of decorations just for me! But then of course everyone is different…

We’re mostly vegan, and we would love things like vegan chocolate, posh crisps, nuts, halva, turkish delight, satsumas, ginger wine, a little liqueur bottle or two from Lyme Bay… any of the above, really… and now my mouth’s watering! :laughing:

We decorated early as we will be gone from early December until right before Christmas.
We also bought a couple Advent calendars for our sitter to have fun with while here.


We did a sit during Thanksgiving in the US last year, and during Christmas in Australia. For the Thanksgiving sit, the homeowners left us a very nice bottle of red wine and a goodie bag with some delicious crackers and cookies. For the Christmas sit, the homeowners did not leave us anything, but they did have a small decorated tree which was nice.

We never expect anything, but always appreciate when homeowners leave a little something. We’re easy to please - no dietary restrictions and we do enjoy wine, but I realize others may feel differently. The most thoughtful homeowners asked us prior to our sits what they could get for us. I didn’t feel comfortable asking for much, but one homeowner did a little bit of shopping for us and left fresh berries and milk at our request, plus filet mignon and wine as a surprise for us. Another homeowner made us a home-cooked dinner and left us two very nice bottles of wine, plus told us we could consume any of their food we wanted (which we replaced).


If you are in the uk, many independent shops and supermarkets have vegan treats - including interesting cheeses.

How thoughtful! I’m sitting over Christmas (my first sit!) and have begun collecting goodies to take with me - I have weird food allergies (whoever thought rice could be one?! And it’s hidden in so many things!) and so I suspect I’d not be able to eat a lot of what a well-meaning host might leave me, which I’d find awkward (but I’d feel touched that they’d gone to the trouble). I’ve already asked the HO for freezer space for the Cook dishes that I’m treating myself to (note for non-UK readers: Cook sells frozen, home cooked luxury ready meals)
Maybe mention your thoughts to your sitters and see what their response is?