Owners going Over and Above

I recently turned up to a sit to find special treats waiting for me The owner had left me a lovely christmas gift containing choccis ,art supplies and this cool book all about dogs
When I was unpacking and went to my underwear drawer there were further treats waiting including an eye shade and a matching wheat pillow covered in you guessed it Doggies (See pics)

I’d be interested to hear about other sitters experiences of nice little gestures owners have extended to make their sitters feel welcomed and appreciated


How beautiful. What a lovely HO.

I remember once, the HO found out it was my birthday during the sit and she left me the most beautiful birthday card and a gorgeous chocolate cake in the kitchen with candles on top. It was such a lovely surprise!

I also remember a few years ago, I did a Christmas sit and the HO left me a gift card for John Lewis which was so sweet of her and so unexpected.


We turned up to start a six week sit Yesterday. Our home host had a six week job lined up on a cruise ship.
Unfortunately, the job was cancelled last minute.
Knowing we are full time sitters, rather than cancel us they have arranged alternative accommodation for themselves for the whole six weeks!


That’s very honourable of them. Love it!


@wendywindow how lovely! What a thoughtful homeowner :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Fantastic. Where are you ?

@Itchyfeet , We are back in Brighton :blush:

Wow! Are you finding that difficult knowing the situation? Hopefully the cruise line is paying for your host’s accommodation……

It makes such a difference when owners leave goodies. I’ve gone from arriving at a completely empty fridge (which I think is rather disrespectul, not even some milk) to a sit where the owner went above and beyond with gifts galore - wine, chocs, mug, toiletries and money. I don’t expect anything but it’s lovely when owners are kind in this way.


We offered to try to find something else but she insists , unfortunately as they were working on a self employed basis they get zero compensation!

I am feeling guilty though that she is sleeping on the sofa whilst i am in her king size bed!

I made the last bit up :rofl:


Wow, Colin. What special owners they are and how considerate.


You’ve definitely got a nice relationship with that Brighton lady.


We always leave a “Hamper” for our sitters usually local produce and little presents so am interested to read this thread… However our understanding was that sits are a 50/50 arrangement so wondered if anyone has received similar from sitters??


Many sitters leave plants, flowers, little gifts, meals, baked goods and pet treats. I am a sitter and I have given a lot more than I have received.


I’d suggest that if you’re going to give anyone anything, you do it out of appreciation and not expect anything in return. That way, if you get something, it will be a nice surprise. And if you don’t, then you won’t be disappointed.

Personally, I don’t typically leave anything for hosts. If I do, it’s because I happen to feel like it, not because it’s an obligation.


It comes naturally to me and I guess many other sitters to leave a little something as a gesture of thanks and appreciation especially when the hosts have gone out of their way to make nice welcoming gestures towards myself as a sitter. I have left books and flowers and herb plants a framed photo of their pets a cooked meal stocked up on extra groceries and will be leaving a double pass to an art class (paint n sip) and some Christmas goodies for hosts who have been very generous to me I find what goes around tends to come around and adds to a feeling of abundance and good will for both homeowners and sitters


Those are the kind of HO we all want!!! The same thing happened to us a few years ago. It was a one-week sit, and one of the owners hurt his back the day we arrived. They arranged alternate accommodation for us for the duration, and to this day we are grateful for their consideration.


We always cook for our HOs on their return (we both had restaurants so it’s a good one too :rofl:). Either to share a meal with them or so they have their first meal done & dusted and don’t have to think about it. That and happy pets and a clean house are our gifts @Nickjs :raised_hands:t3:


Recipes please :hugs:

How long do you have?? :rofl: :rofl: