Are Christmas sits wanted UK

Hi all, I was reading a topic about sitters filling gaps in their calendar and HOs making properties available even when a sitter isn’t ‘needed’, so my question is this…… we are going away for Christmas and taking our dogs with us, so I hadn’t thought about putting it on as a sit… But now I’m wondering whether to put it on in case there are any sitters who are looking for or fancy a break away over Christmas… (The wild birds would be happy to be fed!) :grinning:


@Foldor13 , that is so sweet of you.

What a lovely gesture and demonstration of the true spirit of the holiday.


This is incredibly kind of you. Best wishes from Prague!

Hi @Foldor13 that’s such a lovely gesture but it’s also very practical … we went away on a sit to Edinburgh for a week, we have no pets at home. I thought about listing my home but then decided it was just for a week, we have wonderful neighbors etc … we came home to a defrosted freezer and a terrible mess in the utility room as we’d had a breaker trip.

“I should have gone to TrustedHousesitters”

Sitters would enjoy your home and your home would enjoy the sitters.