Christmas Sitter?

Hello! I am so excited and nervous to be part of this group! We have two pups who we love dearly, but we are leaving this Holiday season and are hoping to find someone who will stay at our home and love on them as much as we do! We live in Greeley, Colorado and the area can be beautiful in the winter time. While getting out in the snow might not be your thing, we also have a nice cozy home with two sweet girls to snuggle with and enjoy the fire. Please see our listing.

Thank you for considering! :slight_smile:

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@AlexRose I was able to find your sit. A major stumbling block may be showing that sitters need a car. Preferable? Perhaps. Essential? Perhaps not. I searched and found a reasonably-priced shuttle from Denver airport to Greeley. Your home and your pet requirements could easily provide a home for some sitters to cozy up in for the holidays.

In your listing, perhaps show specifics as to distance from stores, and availability of food delivery services or Uber-type services. Your sitters may then decide they could manage without a car. If you also have someone who could be called on if there was a pet emergency, that would be helpful. You should always consider having a Plan B backup anyway, as life happens.

Sitters have to take into consideration the cost of getting to and from your sit. You show your sit as starting December 24. If you are willing to have sitters arrive the day before, or you even leave a day earlier, that may be helpful. If so, add that to your listing. Travel on Christmas Eve is not ideal, and can be quite costly. The same applies for someone leaving January 1, when transportation may be limited, unavailable, or costly.


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As a sitter I would find your dates rather a challenge, especially if flying. 24th-1st Jan peak holiday travel costs. Perhaps more manageable for someone driving in. Personally, when looking for Christmas Sits, we go for longer stays e.g 15 Dec- 6 Jan (minimum) to avoid the peak times. At other times of the year its different. Also if you are flying (?) to Florida, and have a car you’d be willing to loan a sitter (?) that could help attract someone. Good luck!

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