Hello from Myrtle Beach, Squeegee's Mom

I’ve been a member of Trusted House Sitters for almost 2 years. I have had many great sitters but have yet to do a sit for others. I do plan to sit in the future but for now I have enjoyed travel on my schedule. I have just one cat, Squeegee and he is a love. I have never had an issue finding sitters until recently when I posted for Christmas. I’m wondering if it would be worth posting for up to Christmas and have someone local just stop in on Christmas and the day after until were back. Any suggestions or am I worrying just too early.

If you mean you have posted- now- for Christmas and have not yet had a response I would say ‘Don’t worry’! Its still quite early in the year. Many sitters, myself included, will not be booking their Christmas sit just yet. We have done Chrustmas housesits in a different country each year of our 5 year membership but we never start applying till at least September/October! We don’t like to plan too far ahead. But others do -So don’t worry- I’m sure you will get applicants before long!
And I would leave your dates to include Christmas/New year. A sit that finishes directly before Christmas would be less appealling to nomadic sitters like us as we like to be settled over the holiday times.
Good luck!

Hello, @Dustydander I would like to wish you a warm welcome to the community forum and regarding posting for Christmas sits you have come to the right place as there have already been other discussions on this:

Above are some suggested topics, but if you search the word Christmas in the spyglass then lots of conversations come up.

You can also add your THS listing link to your forum profile. That way other members can view it and give you helpful feedback and advice.

Here is how to do it:


I can also add it for you if you need any help.

As @Lokstar mentioned you still have lots of time to look for Christmas sitters :grin: